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Sexual Sabotage” by Dr. Judith Reisman

Selected Quotes on Alfred Kinsey – the Father of the (Homo)Sexual Revolution


Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Chapter 1 Hate America: Libeling the World War II Generation 1

Chapter 2 The Kinsey Reports as Sabotage 16

Chapter 3 Kinsey's Orgy-Porgy Attic 36

Chapter 4 Toxic Consequences 69

Chapter 5 Normalizing Sexual Pathology: Culture and Laws after Kinsey 76

Chapter 6 Marriage, Family, and Parenting 82

Chapter 7 Pandering, Promiscuity, and Pornography 121

Chapter 8 Big Pornography as Sexual Sabotage 137

Chapter 9 Sex Educators as Sexual Saboteurs 170

Chapter 10 Abortion Educator Saboteurs 200

Chapter 11 Sabotaging Schools and Libraries 217

Chapter 12 Pandemic, Predatory Criminals 227

Chapter 13 Our Legacy Given Over to Barbarians 270

Chapter 14 The Sex Industrial Complex 301

Chapter 15 Yes, Recovery is Possible! 327

Endnotes 339

Index 395




[2 Inserts from: Peter LaBarbera's (Sept 28, 2012) radio interview with Dr. Judith Reisman discussing Alfred Kinsey -- Founder of the (Homo)Sexual Revolution:]


[#1] Peter LaBarbera said (at the 13min 10sec mark): You said, "87% -- this is INCREDIBLE STUFF -- 87% of Alfred Kinsey (now here's a guy [Alfred Kinsey] who is going around studying sex for the first time), you said 87% of his subjects were: sex-addicts, homosexuals, criminals, rapists, prostitutes, pedophiles, and prisoners! THAT'S ASTONISHING that this book was taken seriously!" ["Sexuality in the Human Male" by Alfred Kinsey c1948]


[#2] Dr. Judith Reisman said (at the 15min 26sec mark): Dr. Kinsey was involved in the sexual torture -- and I use that word appropriately -- torture of up to 2035 children, the majority of those were little boys. The youngest was two months of age. (15 sec)





Chapter 1 Hate America: Libeling the World War II Generation’ (pp1-15)



1.    “ … They answered the call to help save the world from the two most powerful and ruthless military machines ever assembled.” Tom Brokaw, The Greatest Generation (p1)


2.    Brokaw wrote that their morals were as important for victory as were “tanks and planes and ships and guns.” (p4)



3.    … Alfred Kinsey … and his cult libeled our World War II warrior generation in order to validate his own cowardly perversions by creating a “sexual revolution.” Sadly, he succeeded. Morris Ernst, Kinsey’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), lawyer, explained that Kinsey could collapse Victorian morality by libeling World War II fathers. Since “the whole of our laws and customs in sexual matters is to protect the family [and] the base of the family is the father 9Thus, slandering “father” could gut the laws and customs that protected mothers, children, and the family. And it did.  (p5)


4.    Joseph Heller, who wrote the classic World War II novel, Catch-22, grew up in a small Coney Island flat … His New York neighborhood was poor but “safe, insular, and secure”: “In the nineteen years I lived on that street before going into the army … I never heard of a rape, an assault or an armed robbery in our neighborhood… . There was just about no fear of violence ... 23 (p6)


5.    disdain for “illicit” sex crossed class, race, and education lines.


6.    “Sex without love” still “seemed utterly unethical” to college men,25 complained Dutch sexual libertarian sex and law researchers, Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen, PhD, in 1960. (p9)


7.    On June 6, 1944, a million American soldiers aboard four thousand ships began landing on the Normandy beaches. (p11)


8.    Tom Brokaw: “It is, I believe, the Greatest Generation any society has ever produced”38


9.    But after the war, our weary warriors didn’t know what hit them. Alfred Kinsey claimed to have studied them when he reported that nearly all American men—our “better angels”—were actually sex offenders, though he also claimed that no women or children were harmed by rape or incest. (p12)


10.                       … Brokaw says James and Dorothy Dowling still have that love note. Not “sexy” not “hot” but “sweetheart,” “darling,” “dearest,” “honey,” “wife.” Chastity before marriage and faithfulness within it—this is what sexuality looked like, according to many typical World War II men. (p13)


11.                       … Our fathers and mothers …, our heroes and heroines … the generation that was sabotaged by a deviant pseudo scientist [Alfred Kinsey] who libeled our legacy and screwed our society. (p15)


Chapter 2 The Kinsey Reports as Sabotage (pp16-35)


1.    And so these heroic warriors could not defend themselves from a new, insidious enemy—the draft dodgers, domestic traitors, and elitists who had avoided war, who had stayed safe at home, and who would soon inflict their immorality on the rest of us. (p19)


2.    Kinsey stated it very clearly,” said Charles Socarides, MD. “That all types of sexual activity—sex with the opposite sex, sex with the same sex, sex with both sexes, sex with children, sex with whips and chains, fisting sex, sex with animals—any kind of sex was normal and common.”59 (p20)


3.    Kinsey’s “work” regarding the sexuality of teenagers, pre-adolescent children, and infants is horrifying. Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female provide abundant evidence of child sexual torture by Kinsey’s “researchers,” who engaged in brutal, sexual experiments on children. This “work” is critically important to the effects of the Kinsey reports on our society, our laws, and the Kinsey lobby today. (p24)


4.    So Kinsey collected “data” from various sources—his sabotage team, subjects’ parents, nursery school teachers, a pedophile group he was working with, and at least two (now) known serial pederasts. … One these was a German Nazi serial pedophile, Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, a lawyer and a member of Hitler’s World War II Gestapo (secret police) 82. …  In correspondence, Kinsey warned von Balluseck to “be careful,” not to get caught by the police as he assaulted both boys and girls. (p29)


5.    These records are blatant evidence of the child sexual abuse of 196 to perhaps over 2,000 small boys (discussed further shortly) by Kinsey’s adult team of sex criminals, rapists, and sodomizers. (p32)


6.    Further, Kinsey claimed that promiscuity was harmless, without consequences of venereal disease, illegitimacy, or anything else. And worst, his data and “orgasmic” narrative claimed that rape, incest, and pedophilia/pederasty were also harmless. (p35)


7.    But Kinsey’s data were obviously fraudulent. Just as World War II saboteurs cooked up “scientific statistics” about enemy soldiers’ women, Kinsey cooked up “scientific statistics” about American women and children, black propaganda, pretending to be helpful, pretending to offer hints on better sexual lives, pretending to be honest, open, without secrets. But Kinsey’s “statistics” were lies. Just like the black propagandists, he deceived Americans—and for the same purpose: To demoralize us. To sabotage American morale, trust, and confidence. To validate and legitimize his own perversions so that he could liberate our “repressed” society for his “sexual revolution.” (p35)




Chapter 3 Kinsey’s Orgy-Porgy Attic (pp36-68)


1.    According to biographer James Jones, about six kids played “you show me and I’ll show you.” The children “look[ed] at one another, poke[d] straws in various apertures, stuff like that, and that made him feel very peculiar and rather guilty.94 Kinsey’s colleague and co-author, Paul Gebhard, said Kinsey dubbed these cellar trysts “homosexual.” Kinsey later wrote that child sex activity dramatically shapes adult sexuality.


2.    Kinsey “hid from his family and the world the instrument he used to seek both sexual pleasure and physical pain.”96 This torture chest, reported Jones, was the future sexologist’s sado-sexual cache, his masturbatory starter kit. After the youthful aperture-poking in the Hoboken basement, Kinsey’s private methods of self-abuse became more sophisticated in what Jones documented as a permanent pattern of increasingly barbaric sexual self-torture.


3.    Affirming his inability to distinguish between insects and humans, Professor Kinsey is on record as embracing bestiality. (p40)


4.    He needed a “cover,” a disguise known by homosexuals as a “beard”: He needed a wife who was young, educated, but insecure and obedient.114 (p40)


5.    Certainly, once their last child arrived, Kinsey quit his spousal sexual duties.116  arrived (p41)




6.    Osmond and his wife, Nellie, stayed at Kinsey’s house at least once. According to Jones, Nellie “hated” Kinsey and never visited again.126 Asked what she thought about her husband’s erotic escapades with Kinsey, Nellie was silent but, decades later, her anger was clear. “He was a dirty old man,” she said. “He really hurt us. We were just kids from Mississippi. We didn’t know anything.”127 Obviously, Kinsey’s homosexual assaults would have harmed his students’ sense of their own masculinity—as well as their marriages—beyond calculation. (p43)


7.    Like Hitler, Kinsey refused to employ Jews, women, blacks, or believing Christians. (p44)


8.    *** Jones agreed that Kinsey’s plan was to exploit “marriage” in order to eliminate it, to make his own pathological sexual behavior the legal, universal norm. *** (p44)



9.    One University of California coed whom Kinsey interviewed, now almost eighty-one, told me she felt “verbally raped” by the interview her college sorority forced her to give to Kinsey. “Sarah” said the “researchers,” Kinsey and Pomeroy, were clearly “having a jolly good time.” Traumatized by Kinsey’s questions and his obvious contempt for everything she had been taught to believe about premarital chastity, she told me that the interview actually destroyed her Orthodox Jewish beliefs. The interviewers made all the girls feel ignorant, backward, and old-fashioned, Sarah said, telling them that scientific “data” proved their parents’ generation raised them on lies and “sexual hypocrisy.” Later that day, she and her sorority sisters, all virgins, walked to the local dime store, bought “wedding rings,” and that night, finally slept with their boyfriends. Sarah could not speak for the other girls but, for her, that single event pushed her into a damaging life of sexual promiscuity, abortion, and several bad marriages.143 The sexual revolution had begun. (pp47-48)


10.                       … in 1941, the Rockefeller Foundation reluctantly ended its financial support of Nazi brain research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. Instead, it redirected its funding to Kinsey’s sex research in Bloomington. (p49)



11.                       Pomeroy’s description of who Kinsey would hire has been discussed often. No “prudes.” No Jews. No blacks. No Catholics. No female interviewers. Absolutely no one with religious or ethical beliefs was allowed on his staff.158 None were hired unless they, their wives, and their children gave Kinsey their erotic histories.159 Women who passed Kinsey’s bizarre sex test could serve in some clerical roles but, for the most part, he staffed his institute with handsome, young, white, insecure, and aberrant males. This included no seasoned doctorates—no scientists! Seasoned (p51)


12.                       Vincent Nowlis. In 1943, Kinsey did hire a scientifically credentialed psychologist, the young Vincent Nowlis. … In a hotel room during one “research” trip, Kinsey and his boys asked Nowlis “to disrobe with the clear understanding that sexual activity would follow.”164 Stunned, Nowlis resigned the next morning. If Nowlis had revealed the sexual perversions behind Kinsey’s “objective” façade, Kinsey’s career would have been over and his arrest likely; sodomy was illegal, and Kinsey’s lies and assertion that his research served the war effort were treasonous. But Nowlis, likely protecting his career, left quietly and, in fact, became a famous psychologist. Disgusted by what he called Kinsey’s “outrageous” child sex abuse protocol, …(p52)


13.                       Kinsey’s cult of young, sexually aberrant aides combined business with pleasure. They were Kinsey’s homosexual lovers and pornography stars, sex procurers, panderers, and predators, each with his own deviance, his own twisted agenda. Kinsey carefully chose them based on their Anglo-Saxon good looks, masculinity, atheism, sexual amorality, and sexual willingness. (p52)


14.                       Publicity photographs of Kinsey’s staff and family morphed these amoral, psychopathic cult members into typical-looking, conservative 1940s Americans. But this closeted group was married in name only; everyone was a bisexual, homosexual, pedophile, pederast, or just wholly amoral. By 1940, Kinsey directed all of his team members—married and unmarried—to “experiment sexually,” as he had been doing. Adultery among the staff insiders was largely an employment obligation. (p54)


15.                       Kinsey had sex with his harem of assistants and with men in bars, bathhouses, and hotels in Chicago, New York, Delaware, Ohio, and elsewhere—before, during, and after World War II.175  (p54)


16.                       In sum, 86 percent of deviant “subjects” defined the Libido of The Greatest Generation! (p56)


17.                       During WWII, as men and women fought overseas to save the world, prostitutes, pedophiles, elitist homosexuals, and rapists were metamorphosed into graphs of masturbation, adultery, homosexuality, early sexual activity, bestiality, etc., that purported to represent the Greatest Generation. Sabotage, not science. (p56)


18.                       The War Effort By 1941, while Germany’s National Socialist machine was crushing almost all of Europe, Kinsey was commanding young girls to give him the sizes of their clitorises. While the Luftwaffe bombed London nightly and German soldiers slogged toward Moscow, Kinsey romped through Chicago’s demimonde. And while Hitler’s Gestapo and SS tortured, shot, hung, and gassed millions on their march toward world domination, the Kinsey lobby prepared a sexual revolution for Western society. (p59)


19.                       World War II rationing didn’t make his life easier? On August 31, 1944, General Patton reported that hundreds of GIs in the Third Army, having run out of gasoline and tires near the Moselle River just outside of Metz, France, were stranded, strafed, wounded, and killed like sitting ducks.183 For lack of fuel and tires, thousands of warriors were wounded and died. These mothers’ sons gave their lives, while Kinsey’s team hoarded supplies so they could drive to theaters, colleges, hospitals, prisons, gay bars, and bathhouses to carouse with aberrant men who, like them, dodged the war. (p59)


20.                       A straitlaced cover appears to be advantageous for tyrants and bullies. So indeed was Kinsey. Jones says publicly Kinsey was “hailed” as an objective scientist but “privately, he had managed to function as a covert revolutionary who had used science to lay siege to middle-class morality.”187 (p60)


21.                       Tyrannical pansexuality was Kinsey’s religion. The cardinal rule for the staff and their wives was that they must engage in sex, both on and off camera. The mandate was, “There should be no shame or guilt or repugnance attached to any sexual activity among senior staff members.”205 No guilt! (p64)


22.                       Indiana University had built a soundproofed room on campus for Kinsey, but he had the university tear it down and replace it with more heavily soundproofed walls and doors. Kinsey needed such soundproofing to muffle screams elicited by sexual torture. Kinsey’s pornography, filmed in this room on campus as well as in his home attic, depicted not just criminal homosexual and heterosexual behaviors, but also violent sexual masochism and sadomasochism. (p67)


23.                       Dellenback said, for example, he often filmed Kinsey, “engaged in masochistic” self-abuse. Indeed, Indiana University film recorded Kinsey inserting objects into his urethra, such as “a swizzle stick, the kind with a knob on the end.” Or he would “tie a rope around his scrotum, and then simultaneously tug hard on the rope as he maneuvered the object deeper and deeper” or “wrap the other end around his hand and climb onto a chair and jump off.227 (p67)


24.                       In 1956, at age sixty-two, Kinsey died, apparently of complications associated with “orchitis” which can be fatal. Jones discusses Kinsey’s doctor as “pinpointing the testicles as the site of the infection.”229 Orchitis … marked by pain, swelling … usually due to gonorrhea, syphilis, filarial disease, or tuberculosis…. Traumatic orchitis [is] orchitis following trauma …”230 He’d had hundreds of violent partners, hence, many sexually diseased partners, as well as significant trauma at minimum to his testicles and urethra. This death strongly suggests that Kinsey contracted venereal disease during his frantic frolics. This and the terrible trauma he inflicted for decades on his sexual organs no doubt led directly to his untimely death. (p68)



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