My 'old attitude' was pro-'gay'


Friday, July 03, 2009

------------------------------------------------------------Memo to prez: My 'old attitude' was pro-'gay'

Exclusive: Linda Harvey laments 'the courtesy shown to sodomites at the White House'



At a meeting this week with homosexual activists invited to the White House for a "gay pride" celebration (read: Founding Fathers rolling over in graves), our president, Barack Obama, reassured the discouraged sexual outlaws that he will eventually champion all the items on their wish list.


He said, however, that a little time is needed, because some basically good people (read: stupid, but who maybe voted for him) still cling to "worn arguments and old attitudes." They just aren't quite on board with really important and vital legislative priorities like forcing all Americans to recognize two men as husband and husband, federally blessing the employment of pre-school transvestite teachers, and permitting Bruce the female impersonator to get that long-awaited promotion as your son's drill sergeant.


I wonder if the president has run into anyone like me. There are quite a few of us. We used to be in favor of "gay rights." We once believed sodomy was probably OK for those harmless few who are born that way. It really didn't affect "my" marriage, and everybody just needed to lighten up and let them have their little relationships.


Yes, the "gay" pride parades were questionable, even gross, but who was I to judge? I didn't really keep up with what was happening much anyway, unless it involved celebrity marriage or death, or maybe some natural disaster. Like AIDS. But that's a heterosexual disease all of us share, isn't it?


Then one day, someone came into my life, a big Someone. And opened my eyes. And as I read Scripture, and history, and the daily news, I reacted in shock: America is in major trouble. We are imploding from within I probably contributed through my complacency and the actors of this anarchy are some of those writhing drag queens on the parade floats. Oh, and the multi-million dollar activist groups propping them up. Sad people, but still causing great harm.


My "old attitudes" and "worn arguments" were based on little information and a lot of secular progressive (read: self-centered and shallow) values. It was when I opened my mind, looked at the broader spectrum of history, probed deeper than the journalism intern headlines and did my own research that I discovered a very troubling reality.


There's no evidence homosexuality is inborn. There are people who are "ex-homosexuals." I had never heard of such humans before, but it turns out there are thousands, perhaps millions. And HIV and AIDS are still caused primarily by males having anal sex with other males, at least in the U.S. And almost no one is pointing out that this is a very easily avoided, but apparently quite desirable to some, practice. Beyond the "yuck" factor, where are the objective warnings from scientists? Epidemiologists? Presidents?


In my research, I found astounding facts, like the 69,000 California males dead of HIV/AIDS, transmitted through homosexual sex, since the epidemic began in the early 1980s. And I am left scratching my head in disbelief. Why in the world are there still "gay" bathhouses in that state? Why is there an effort to make this behavior "marriage"? Why did Rick Warren have to reach to Africa for an AIDS effort, when all he has to do is look in his own back yard?


And this is why I do not support so-called non-discrimination against homosexuals. It's a behavior one that virtually every culture and religion has prohibited since time began. And guess what? All our ancestors were not stupid. They had all the information they needed about the outcomes of that behavior, just by looking around them. Unlike us, they acted on that information.


This deviance is creating unnecessary strife in communities, churches, courts and schools. Its promotion confuses and corrupts our precious children. And it's leading quickly to another perversion: gender change. Grade-school kids are being encouraged to "be" the opposite sex if they want. Hello? Is anyone home in the American brain? In the national conscience?


I love my country. I believe in domestic security. While I know there are grave threats to address from without, it would also be nice if, in the meantime, we weren't destroyed from within. These well-connected sexual anarchists will do that, with the help of our foolish Congress and our narcissistic, far-left president, unless we prevent it. How will they do this? By ushering in social and sexual anarchy and calling it "civil rights."


Obama apparently agrees with these activists that swinging one's genitalia in lavender Speedos on Main Street is just like the struggle for racial equality. I beg to differ.


The courtesy shown to sodomites at the White House is unlikely to be extended to a group of pro-family conservatives with their old (read: truthful) attitudes. Well, just like a Stilton cheese or a fine merlot, some things are better as they age. Wisdom about sexuality is one of those. I spent more than a decade of adulthood ignoring this heritage of truth, missing many opportunities to make a difference for good.


God knows what He is doing, since He designed us. His truth has not changed on homosexuality, despite the social justice movement, the rainbow clergy, the Emergent-out-of-the-closet theology, six states with "whatever" marriage laws and homosexual clubs in several thousand schools. The evidence continues to mount in our streets, in our courts, in our classrooms, in our emergency departments, in our morgues.


As always, humans still need to be restrained from depravity; trouble is, our president seems unaware that depravity even exists. This, among many other lapses in good judgment, is what makes Barack Obama truly scary as a national security risk.


It's time we Americans stop running from this threat and deal with it. Apparently, our first task is to elect a new president at the earliest possible opportunity. Meanwhile, we need to expose the homosexual activist lobby as the fascist, lawless propaganda thug-fest it has become. These perennial antagonists are being wined and dined at the White House, when they really should be tossed on their ears onto the Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk. Failing decisive action, these determined rebels are going to overthrow American family life, heighten disease prevalence, endanger children, crush religious freedom and position it all as "progress."


I thank God I found the" old attitudes," which were to me a breath of fresh air, because finally, it all made sense. The problem is now what to do with this information, when the world seems hell-bent literally on clinging to lies. What can persuade others to rediscover this as well? Will it take major societal catastrophe to remove this insanity from the East Room of the White House?


I pray that more folks will realize that the "old attitudes" are far superior to the new mythology, and that" worn arguments" are the ones that could still save us.