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to Dr. David Pilgrim to Debate Dr. Scott Lively:



July 18, 2013

Hi Dr. Pilgrim,

I think you may have misunderstood me during our brief phone conversation yesterday. I was inviting you to debate Dr. Scott Lively, who is coming to Traverse City next weekend all the way from Springfield, MA.

I've attached an informational flyer about the upcoming Dr. & Pastor Scott Lively proposed debate, which would be entitled:

The Great Debate
The 1st Amendment vs. Sexual Orientation Regulations:
Which Should Prevail?"

We are inviting you to debate Dr. Lively since when you are the Vice-President for Diversity & Inclusion at Ferris State University, and when you shared your informative "THEM: Images of Separation" program at NMC's Dennos Museum in Traverse City earlier this year, you shared how you are on the side of normalizing homosexuality to those attending your presentations.

We look forward for individuals (Local or National) who strongly support the advancement of Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) to step up and defend their strong convictions on this vital topic in our society today.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for the Pro-SORs proponents to show the superiority of their world view, and to question one of the most controversial opponents of their world view and movement in the world.

Details of the debate format to be worked out ahead of time between the participants and moderator(s), but the debate would at least include a series of opening statements; follow-up questions; and audience questions.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact me by phone and/or email regarding this request for you (or any other person from the "Diversity & Inclusion" office at Ferris State University) to debate Dr. Lively.


Bill Wiesner / Founder
Phone: 231-313-6805




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