Today’s numerous Social Pathologies

were caused by

Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent “Science”


Selected Excerpts from Dr. Judith Reisman articles:


 As you said, it's been 50 years since Alfred Kinsey published his infamous 1948 report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which has so profoundly and grievously affected not only American society, but the moral, social, and political order worldwide. It is difficult to exaggerate the horrendous effects of the widespread promotion and acceptance of his work. Kinsey's "research" shook America's moral foundations and launched the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s. Its terrible results are obvious in the skyrocketing incidence of all the:


 Social pathologies afflicting us today: divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity,sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimate births, cohabitation, pornography, homosexuality,sadomasochism, rape, child molestation, sexual crimes of all types, family breakup, endemic violence, etc. 


We cannot hope to reverse this destructive, downward spiral if we do not recognize and openly confront the Kinseyite falsehoods and subversive premises and ideas that undergird popular attitudes and official policies today.