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[The local Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) “White Pine Press” newspaper editors did not respond to my letter written below:]


TCFamily Letter Requesting

NMC White Pine Press Interview

Topic:  NMC White Pine Press article advising:  "Don't let ignorance stand in the way of better judgment – Lives [and truth] are at stake"

May 9, 2014

Hi White Pine Express staff:

I read your article from the March 6, 2014 White Pine Press entitled: “Should America offer asylum to LGBT people from Russia and Uganda?”  I compliment the attempt of your staff (Emily Osantowski & and Nicole Wildman) and the six students that were interviewed for the story, for standing up for what you believe is right and true and trying to defend the rights of “gays”, which I imagine you see as indistinguishable from those who stood up to defend the authentic God-given rights of blacks in the Civil rights movement of the 1960’s; however, please consider the last sentence of your article when you said: “Don’t let ignorance stand in the way of better judgment …”

I believe that is good advice, and you and those you interviewed could more truly understand the “gay” movement by looking at the true history of the movement – just like you should never buy a house with a defective foundation, so you should not build your beliefs (which I’m sure are sincerely held) about the “gay” movement on a defective foundation.

Please consider the following information from our local www.TCFamily.org website:

1.      The truly defective “science” of homosexual and pedophile Alfred Kinsey, who laid the defective foundation for the “gay” movement: Alfred Kinsey Quotes (~1950).

2.      Then look at the 46 slides showing Documentation #1 of TCAPS & Friends promoting Homosexuality.  Skim through all of the articles mentioned for a pro-family viewpoint on this issue, but focus in on the “Intimidating the American Psychiatric Association (APA)” article (slide the vertical bar about 60% of the way down.)  I encourage you to read that article, describing 1970 – 1973 time era.  Then ask yourself, is the “gay” movement built on a solid foundation of truth, or a defective foundation of misinformation and intimidation?

3.      Then read how the “gay” movement has been successfully marketed to America and the world using Kirk & Madsen’s “After the Ball” Fifth Avenue marketing techniques:  The Homosexual Propaganda and Media Manipulation Game (Their book was written in 1989.)  Question: Would you rather be “marketed”, or told the truth in love?

4.      Then watch the 60-minute  "Best of the Truth Academy about Homosexuality Series Show" to see ten nationally-known experts from the Pro-Family side look at 25 different topics, basically showing the defective foundation of the “gay” movement, and how this defective and harmful information and behavior is now being marketed to our impressionable and trusting Kindergarteners through 12th graders.

5.      Finally read this article about the “King of Civil Rights himself – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”, who saw homosexuality as a ‘culturally acquired’ ‘problem’ with a ‘solution.’  This highlights the false comparison between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s character-based dream for ALL people created in the image of God, and the “behavior-based nightmare” of the “gay” movement – here is the link:  [Also read  how DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. saw HOMOSEXUALITY as a ‘culturally acquired’ ‘problem’ with a ‘solution’]

Again, I commend you and those you interviewed for your sincere desire to stand up for those you believe are being unjustly discriminated against.  And I agree with you when you said that “No one should ever feel unsafe at school …” [In fact, we at www.TCFamily.org hand out a PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays) brochure that strives to stop ALL bullying, but without promoting harmful homosexual behavior.  You can read this brochure half way down our #2 above “TCAPS & Friends” documents article.]  However, I believe what you intend for good is ironically causing great harm to those you intend to protect, and to our society at large.  True love requires a true foundation, and the defective foundation of the “gay” activist movement is anything but true.  And that’s why we at TCFamily care enough to share the truth in love.

I will be taking our 4x8 foot “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” sign out in front of the 2014 NMC Barbecue again this year on Sunday, May 18th, for all or most of the time between 11 and 5 (at the main entrance by the NMC sign – SEE ATTACHED PHOTO).  I would be very happy to talk to anyone from the White Pine Express staff during that time.  It might be helpful for report an opposing viewpoint in your paper.  I have taken classes at NMC in the past.

And since you are local press which seems to be interested in reporting on “gay” issues, I will add you to my local Northwest Michigan www.TCFamily.org press release list to keep you apprised with what we are doing.


Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org Founder





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