Monday Dec 15, 2014


Dear Michigan State Senator xxxxx:


Please read Northwest Michigan’s “Open Letter to MI State Representative Frank Foster concerning our grave concerns over his recent attempt  to add Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR’s) to Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. is a Pro-Family organization working mainly in the greater Northwest Michigan Area surrounding Traverse City.  In our open letter to Rep. Foster we have detailed reasons why these SORs are bad for Michigan Kindergartners – 12th graders.  We included many photos of  pro-family street activism in Northwest Michigan, where we always share the truth in love. 


The Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR's) (First conceived  at about the time of the Stonewall Riots a mere 45 years ago!) are now acting worldwide as "festering sores" upon the “tolerance” that they purport to promote; and they are being used as "swords" to hamstring and cripple England's (1000 year old!)  Magna Carta freedoms, and our United States (223 year old!) cherished First Amendment Freedoms.


With this in mind, urges you to vote YES on all 4 MI House "Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)" bills:  House Bill #'s:  HB 5958, HB 4927, HB 4928, and HB4991.


Thank you for your consideration in this vital matter.




Bill Wiesner  / Founder


Phone:  231-313-6805