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Notes taken on Dr. Scott Lively’s talk Friday night July 26th, 2013

In Traverse City, MI., entitled “Scott Lively Testimony +

The Secular History of the ‘Gay Rights’ Movement” (Part 2 of 2)


Show #2

Starts with this overlap statement from Show #1: “The very first gay activist was Alfred Kinsey.”


Note:  The notes may help give you a taste of Dr. Lively’s great teaching, but their are large gaps where no notes were taken.  You will do best to print out the Show Notes for a partial guide, but then watch the entire Scott Lively shows to truly understand the Secular History of the ‘Gay Rights’ Movement.



BW   = Bill Wiesner

SL = Dr. Scott Lively; 





What Shared



Bill Wiesner (TCFamily.org Founder) Show #2 LOCAL INFO Intro – Including audio clips with 4x8 foot “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” street sign, and offering the Scott Lively “Fact Sheet on Uganda and Homosexuality” to the Traverse City Film Festival movie goers of the “God Loves Uganda” misinformation movie, which falsely disparages Dr. Lively.  Includes interaction with the Movie’s Director Roger Ross Williams concerning the Scott Lively handout.




Dr. and Pastor Scott Lively: 

  • [Beginning of Talk #1 Part 2of 2 NOTES]
  • And the very first “gay activist” was Alfred Kinsey …
  • Many facts about Alfred Kinsey listed
  • Kinsey was funded by the Rockefeller Institute
  • Kinsey spoke to influential colleges all around the world – 18-22 year olds.
  • If you’re going to have a society that embraces sexual freedom over family, there’s a few things that have to have happened in order to do that:

Ř      Contraception on demand: (If you introduce fornication – sex outside of marriage – you have to prevent too many babies being born.  (1966 Griswold v.Connecticut – legalized contraceptives)

Ř      Abortion – the back-up system – legalized in 1973 in the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision.  It’s sole purpose was so that people could choose “sexual freedom” over family (the Judeo-Christian model)

Ř      By 1973 you’ve got all of the elements of the cultural was already in place:

Ř      The homosexual movement is out [1973 American Psychological Association (APA) voted to remove homosexuality as a disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM)]

Ř      No-Fault Divorce

Ř      Contraception on demand

Ř      Abortion

Ř      The breakdown of marriage and family

Ř      IT’S ALL RELATED TO SEX – it’s all related to whether you embrace the Biblical View, or whether you embrace Sexual Freedom.




  • From 1973 onward, not every woman is going to kill her baby just because she has the chance to do it.
  • So lots of babies are now being born without the benefit of having a Dad in the house.
  • She can’t work because she has to take care of her children.
  • GOVERNMENT comes in to solve this problem.   The entitlement system begins, since the men are no longer taking care of their families.
  • Daycare systems and draconian child support policies.
  • The policies are NOT to fix the problem.
  • If you wanted to fix the problem, you would simply go back to saying “Sex belongs inside of Marriage.”  You would recriminalize vultury and homosexuality and fornication.
  • This doesn’t mean that you would throw people in jail for it.
  • But if you actually changed the standard and said this is what’s acceptable and this is what’s not acceptable, it would be over, just like that.  There would be a few years of transition, but you would be back to a place where all the kids would have a Dad at home, and all the Moms would have a husband who cares for them, and you wouldn’t have to spend all the government money.
  • The TEA Party – Taxed enough already.




  • As evil as abortion is, it’s not the problem
  • The real problem is the Sexual Freedom Moral Anarchy movement.
  • ~Not for locking people up for private choices.
  • ~But don’t want them parading their movement in the streets.
  • ~Problem is when you stop promoting the Marriage Standard.
  • ~Every civilization has died in the Sexual Immorality state.
  • ~There comes a point in the disintegration process where you can’t reverse it – Are we there yet?  Tend to think we are there.
  • ~The Canaanites – These are the things that causes got to vomit them out – the list in Lev 18.
  • ~God’s 1st use of “abomination” is with homosexuality.
  • ~How long has it been since the wickedness in our land has been ruling?  It’s been longer than 40 years.
  • ~The remnant in this room.
  • ~The Olivet Discourse – In all 4 gospels, plus the Revelation by John:
  • They asked Jesus: “When will these things happen?”
  • When there will be Wars & rumors of wars





  • Like in the Days of Noah – the Ancient Rabbis say it was in the time of homosexual marriages. – when they started writing wedding songs for homosexual marriage – that was the last straw.
  • ~Between what Jesus said in Mt 24, and in Genesis 6:5: The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
  • In the entire history of the world, there’s never been a culture that embraced homosexual marriage, until today.  This hasn’t occurred since the time of Noah (not even at the height of the Greeks.)
  • I think that we’re in the Days of Noah.
  • The Good news is that Jesus is coming back, and that’s what it’s all about.
  • ~One last point – we are entering a point of persecution. 
  • But you HAVE to stand up for TRUTH.
  • Let God be true and every man a liar.
  • Every man who doesn’t do that is susceptible to be taken out of the fold.
  • I think this issue is a test issue, that we are being prepared for the coming very severe persecution.
  • The homosexual movement was militarized on Gay Pride Day, June 28th, 1969. [The Stonewall riots.]  The movement shifted from the goal of having the right to be left alone, to the desire and attention to put all the seats of power into their own hands, or into the hands of their surrogates.
  • It’s a 5-Stage Process:

1.      Tolerance

2.      Then Acceptance

3.      Then Celebration

4.      Then Forced Participation

5.      And then Punishment of Dissenters

  • Most of the United States is on the cusp between Acceptance and Celebration
  • The places where the left is politically the strongest is on the cusp of Celebration and Forced Participation
  • And in some places, like San Francisco and Madison Wisconsin and Boston Massachusetts, it’s actually moved into the Punishment of Dissenters.
  • I.E. like Dan T. Cathy - Chick-fil-A and Carrie Prejean when she said that in the Miss America Pageant – they had to destroy her, and they tried to destroy him.




  • (No notes taken for 7 minutes)



  • Scott talks about his newsletter for 30 seconds



  • Start of Q&A for 56 more minutes



  • Is anyone here from the other side [i.e. pro-homosexualist] who wants to say something?  You can ask me anything.  [No response – assume no one here from the pro-homosexualist side.]  Well then we can just open it up to everybody …





  • [Comment by Bill Wiesner on how much he has appreciated Scott’s newsletter over the past 2 years;  And Scott’s promise to pay Bill Wiesner $5 for the recommendation after the Q&A [He never paid him:-)]




As you travel around our country, what has been the response from Pastors?





  • When I talk about the remnant, there’s about the same number of pastors as there are members of the congregation that are in the remnant.
  • The Bible says that in the last days the love of many (some versions say “the love of most”) will grow cold – and it means the love of the things of God.
  • If you go to www.ScottLively.net, you can read: “A Warning to the Church in America” [which will tell you:]
  • When the homosexual movement shifted to militancy, they began working to take down all the social institutions that stood in there way, starting with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in 1973; ending with the Boy Scouts of America just a little while ago, and they’ve knocked them all down in between.
  • For 40 years the homosexual activists have been building a cultural war machine;
  •  … Now all have been defeated except for the church.
  • They have highly trained activists.  This is like the troops coming back from Afghanistan after 20 years of steady warfare.  They are highly trained; they have all the equipment that they need; and right now all of the adversaries have been defeated except the church.
  • The Republican Party, kinda …, but they’re not going to last.
  • My predictions are:
  • You will soon see the secular world attacking the Church for being “hateful” and “bigoted.”
  • Worst of all, you are going to see a gigantic wave of “gay theology” coming into the Church from the bottom.
  • They’ve twisted all of the Scriptures dealing with homosexuality.



  • You have Alan Chambers with Exodus International – just a few days after I put that out [A Warning to the Church in America] – Alan Chambers capitulated, and basically shut down Exodus International., and apologized to people for ever saying that homosexuals could change.   … A direct contradiction of  1Cor6:9, the ex-gay passage, and a direct contradiction to simple logic.  It’s just simple logic that a person can re-orient to the design of their body.  Every person is male or female by design.
  • … And to mock us for saying that homosexuals can change back to the way that their bodies are made is just an insult to intelligence.
  • The churches, because all this is happening, I think you’re going to see a large number of churches … a large number of Pastors are going to change with the times, so that they don’t lose their church, and that they are going to start embracing gay theology.  And the more the church caves, the greater the pressure is going to be on everybody else, because they are going to start using the leftist churches and the compromise churches to attack the conservative churches – those that are staying true to the Bible.  It’s going to get really ugly – really really ugly.





You said that the approach [of the homosexual activists] has been to loosen the morality of society from the heterosexual perspective in order to make the homosexual agenda more acceptable.  If that in fact is the case, then shouldn’t the focus be on the heterosexual morality?  Because if you change the homosexual morality, but you don’t change the heterosexual morality, you’re stomping on the little fire while the forest burns down around you.  …The homosexual agenda may be the easier target, but isn’t it really not going to accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish?




  • I don’t think it is an easier target; I think it’s a harder target, and it’s the cutting edge.
  • We lost the battle on marriage in the 50’s and 60’s; and we lost the battle on contraception in the 60’s; we lost the battle on abortion in the 70’s – we’re trying to claw in back; we lost the battle on condoms in the schools in the 70’s and 80’s; we lost the battle on kids having sex with each other without consequences along in there; we’re losing the battle now on pedophilia – people don’t realize how fast that’s coming up.
  • So it’s not an either / orit’s all / and.
  • You notice when I speak on this – unlike most people who speak on this – I root this ENTIRELY in the Biblical view of sexuality versus the other way.  So when I’m talking, I’m encompassing ALL of it.
  • But – and here’s the thing – if you don’t deal with the arsonist, right?  If you focus on the fires – putting out the fires – instead of getting the people that are starting the fires, then you’re never going to be able to solve the problem.  And in dealing with the cultural war, it’s the activists of the “gay” movement that are the driving force behind the Sexual revolution – always has been the case.  There’re NOT the ONLY ones … Because it’s necessary implicit goal of their movement – that in order to have acceptance, you cannot have acceptance in a society all sex belongs inside marriage – unless you change that society; you have to get rid of it.
  • So in a heterosexual society where you’re not dealing with homosexuality, and people are just out, you know, messing with each other around the fringes, it doesn’t affect it in quite the same way. 
  • People who are indulging in adultery right now are NOT marching through the streets – DEMANDING that all society change its sexual values. 
  • And it’s the reason why the “gays”, when they finally came out of the closet, they just stepped automatically, naturally, at the head of the parade, and they’ve been there ever since.
  • And any time you’re dealing with any other culture war issues, homosexuality is at the center of every single one of them.  You can’t turn the pages of the newspaper without some other aspect of the homosexual agenda now being in the sports world; in every television program practically; in the children’s books; in the classroom.  Wherever you turn, it’s becoming all homosexuality all the time.  And that’s not going to change; it’s going to get worse.





Is it any surprise to you that the Episcopalian Church, which has come out and endorsed homosexuality in its own way, has the first Archbishop to also see instead of the evil in DEMONIC POSSESSION, sees DIVERSITY?  … One of their Archbishops in South America has actually come out and said, “Well maybe we ought to look at possession as something different – as another way of presenting God’s will – demonic possession.”





  • [Romans 1:18-32 – The Reprobate Mind]
  • The further you go down the path … You see, that’s the process of Romans 1 – Romans 1, 18-32.  It’s basically Paul teaching the process of being turned over to a reprobate mind.
  • First of all he says, the truth of God is revealed so clearly in the creation that no one has the excuse for denying the existence of God. 
  • And that the creation – we are also part of the creation, right?  Our bodies are part of the creation – we live in them.  It’s the clearest thing that we can know about the creation. 
  • He [Paul] says but what happens is that people suppress the truth in unrighteousness – they don’t want to be accountable to God.  They want to do something God says you can’t do.  So what they do is they suppress that truth.  They sort of block out some of the light that otherwise would be illuminating their minds.
  • And over a period of time, their foolish hearts and minds become darkened, right?  And the more error that you accept in place of truth, the darker you mind gets.  And the end of that process is called the reprobate mind – the depraved mind.  The mind that can no longer recognize the truth any more.  Alright?
  • So much error … so many of the things that you believe are just flat out wrong, upside down, backwards.  You can’t recognize the truth anymore. 
  • And what did God use as the example of reprobate mind?  Homosexuality.  Of all the things that he could have used in the Bible, he used homosexuality. 
  • Why?  Because what is a homosexual?  A homosexual is a person living inside of a heterosexual design who looks at the testimony of their own body, and concludes from looking at their body that they belong with somebody of the same sex.  Right?  That’s just insane.
  • And that’s what’s reprobate.  Because there’s so much falsehood in what they believe, they can’t recognize the self evident truth of their own physiological design.  Therefore God gives them over to a reprobate mind – to do those things which are inappropriate, receiving in themselves the penalty of their error, which is appropriate.  Right?
  • That’s the whole thing about AIDS, right?  The natural consequence.  Right?  That when you do anything, when you violate God’s standards in any way, there’s always a built in consequence for it.  It’s not God’s fault.  Alright?  You take a bottle, and you read “Poison, do not drink.”  [And you drink it …]  It’s not God’s fault when you die, or you get really sick.  And that’s the same thing that’s going on here. 
  • And then at the END of Romans 1 is the laundry list of anti-social behaviors that … really define the age of apostasy.




TCFamily.org Founder Bill Wiesner shares local NW Michigan info

  • TCFamily.org offers the Scott Lively “FACT SHEET ON UGANDA AND HOMOSEXUALITY” to every attendee of the Traverse City Film Festival movie “God Loves Uganda.”  
  • Includes sound clips and photos of  interaction with the 4x8 foot “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” street sign. 
  • The movie’s director, Roger Ross Williams, was asked to comment on the Scott Lively handout (which was handed out for over an hour before the movie) to everyone going in the door – and which gave Mr. Williams 2 ˝ hours to find a copy of the 1-page handout and read it. 
  • Mr. Williams said that he had not seen the handout.
  • I would think that would be the first thing he would want to see, and to address the numerous allegations of misinformation in the movie; however, Mr. Williams did not address any of the allegations of misinformation.




Screen showing photos of the 8 local homosexualist activists who declined to either debate Dr. Lively, or moderate the debate.



Closing screen credits



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