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TCFamily.org Founder Bill Wiesner handing out Dr. Scott Lively's "FACT SHEET ON UGANDA AND HOMOSEXUALITY"  in front of Traverse City's Old Town Playhouse for the Showing of Roger Ross Williams' "God Loves Uganda" movie during the Michael Moore 2013 Traverse City Film Festival.  Each and every moviegoer was challenged to see the truthful side of this movie by reading Dr. Lively's FACT SHEET (We handed out 800 of the Fact Sheets to movie goers during the Film Festival.)

Note the side door behind the man with the red maple leaf hat where I saw ROGER ROSS WILLIAMS (the film's director) standing before the show started as he was watching me hand out the FACT SHEETS.  Even though the FACT SHEETS took less than 5 minutes to read, and were offered to EVERY ONE of the movie goers (OF HIS MOVIE!), when Director Williams was asked to comment (about 2 hours later AFTER the movie ended) on the Scott Lively FACT SHEETS that were handed out BEFORE the movie, he said that he hadn't had time to read it.  

But shouldn't Mr. Williams have demanded to be given time to clarify the "misinformation" of Dr. Lively's FACT SHEET ON UGANDA AND HOMOSEXUALITY-- that is of course he truly assumed it was misinformation?  (This makes me wonder if this was simply Roger Ross Williams' convenient plan to NOT have to address the Truths that Dr. Lively shared in his FACT SHEET.)



Roger Ross Williams:

The Director of the Movie "God Loves Uganda", which is currently being marketed all over the United States and World.


I got in line and spoke with Mr. Williams for 1 minute and 40 seconds after the question and answer time, and he was very friendly and cordial to me.  I identified myself as the concerned parent who was handing out the Scott Lively Fact Sheets before the Show, and I encouraged him to go to our www.TCFamily.org website and Read about Alfred Kinsey, the founding Father of the homosexual movement. 

I explained that Truth is important.  He shared that he just wanted to stop violence at home (Uganda) right now.  I countered that Dr. Lively had been an alcoholic and drug addict, and that he lived on the streets on and off for 16 years.  But then he came to Christ and He changed his life overnight.  That's why Dr. Lively had recommended to the Ugandan Parliament to NOT have harsh punishments for homosexual behavior; rather that they should provide treatment for those willing homosexuals (similar to that which helped him get off his addiction to alcohol and drugs.) 

I then warmly said to him "Nice Meeting you", and he cordially responded: "Nice meeting you too."


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