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July 28, 2013



For Immediate Release


Contact: Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.  413-250-0984, sdllaw@gmail.com



Pastor Condemns Uganda Film as “Anti-Christian Propaganda”



Pastor Scott Lively of the Springfield, Massachusetts-based Defend the Family International is one of the subjects of a documentary film titled “God Loves Uganda,” which will be featured in this week’s independent film festival in Traverse City, Michigan.  “God Loves Uganda” purports to tell the story of Uganda’s controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the supposed role of Christian leaders, including American missionaries, in opposing homosexuality in that East African country.  Pastor Lively happens to be in Traverse City for an unrelated event and has condemned the polemical film as “anti-Christian propaganda.”


“I came to Traverse City this weekend at the invitation of TCFamily.org to debate the topic of “The First Amendment Supremacy Clause vs. Sexual Orientation Regulations: Which Should Prevail?,” said Lively.  


“I was completely unaware that the local film festival would include this outrageously biased and deceptive film, ‘God Loves Uganda’ which perpetuates numerous lies about Uganda and about my role there.  In response, I have prepared a fact sheet to set the record straight on a few major points.” 


“I will be available Monday morning by phone if any of the local media would like any additional comments from me about this film or the topic of my Friday lecture.”           



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