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Police Report Description (2500 Words) of the reported assault that occurred on 2/15/12 at Cherry Knoll Elementary as described by Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org Founder. The report includes descriptions of how Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) has been promoting homosexual behavior to the students over at least the past 12 years. It also explains why we were at Cherry Knoll Elementary School after school on the afternoon of the Parent-Teacher Conferences.


(Watch this 1-minute video clip -- http://www.upnorthlive.com/news/story.aspx?id=693955 -- showing how the Cherry Knoll Elementary Principal Chris Parker planned to use the "Teacher strips word 'gay' from Christmas carol" story to have the teacher talk about "sexual orientation" to the 1st and 2nd graders.) 


The case was dropped when the defendant got two or more alleged witnesses to say that I pushed my sign toward him to aggravate him. You can read my description of the event below. I have not released my report until now -- that the court case has been dropped -- so as not to affect the outcome of the court case.



Special Note on pictures #2&3 above: Everyone (except the man ripping my sign from my hands) was looking back up to the parking lot, because we were all startled by my friend Paul Nepote (who took these pictures) when he shouted down for the man to stop this attack. Paul had left the school about 30 minutes earlier, and had gone to the Oleson's Food Store parking lot on the corner. (Their is no good and safe place to park your car across from the school.) There he saw two of the four men in these pictures talking together outside their cars, and then get back into their cars and drive back towards the school. So he came back too. I thought he had gone home 30 minutes earlier after he had already finished taking pictures that I could use on the www.TCFamily.org website.


Read the complete 2500 word Police Report below:


They (the four men) asked me: “Do your kids go here?” I answered “no.”  They asked for my name, and I told them “Bill Wiesner.”  They wanted one of my cards. I said I had no cards to give. They said “How do I explain your sign to my kids?” I said that I understand their concern, and I would never choose to show the sign at an elementary school. But that TCAPS had put us in a terrible position here that they are promoting homosexual behavior in the schools.  I said the Cherry Knoll Principle said in a local TV 7&4 News story on Dec 5, 2011, when they had an incident with the 1st and 2nd grade music teacher taking the word “gay” out of a Christmas carol. I said the principal said that “TCAPS now has a ‘sexual orientation policy’” (which I said means dangerous homosexual behavior), and that he said that they would use this incident as a “teachable moment” for both the teacher and the students (1st & 2nd grade). So I said TCAPS was promoting this on the inside of this school, and that’s why I felt compelled to defend these children by promoting the truth on this issue in our 20-part “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” series, which our sign promoted. I said that TCAPS was responsible for putting us in this situation, and that I would not be here in front of their school if not for their actions. They asked me if I was a Christian. I said yes. One or more of them said “don’t judge then.” I said that you are judging me right now. I said we all constantly make judgments. One or more of them repeated “don’t judge” several times. (I wondered if believing I should not judge would make him/them more likely to approve of homosexual behavior as being a healthy lifestyle, and that was possibly why they wanted me to take down my sign that promoted the Truth Academy about Homosexuality shows?) One or more said I was blocking the view of the traffic as they drove out of the school parking lot. I said that one lady had mentioned that to me, and that I apologized and quickly moved back away from the entrance. I continued to move away from the entrance whenever a car left after that. They repeatedly told me to just leave. Then one man stepped in very close to me (see photos). He told me to leave several times. I said no. (I feel I was talking in a calm voice throughout, and that these men were speaking in angry voices.) The closest man glared at me and said in a threatening voice something like, “You’d better leave right now.” He glared at me threateningly as I stood my ground. Then he asked: “Are you going to leave?” (sounding like a last ultimatum.)  I said something like “No. This is my 1st Amendment right.” Then he very quickly grabbed my 4’x 8’ sign, which I was holding in front of me, ripping it out of my hands and slamming it to the ground, in an apparent attempt to break the sign. I believe I was attempting to get the sign back and stop him from breaking it when Paul Nepote shouted out of his car window (in the school parking lot about 100 feet away) for them to STOP! [I thought Paul had left and gone home about 30 – 45 minutes earlier. I did not know he was there, but I am glad he was there since I did feel threatened by especially the man who grabbed my sign. I think the incident would have escalated more if Paul had not been there taking pictures of them.] 





Part 2:

It was sort of a surreal moment. Time seemed to stop. And in that instance I may have had one or more of these following thoughts: If they only knew what homosexualists are promoting all over the country, and right here in Traverse City, they would understand why I felt compelled to be at the school. City Commissioner and self-professing homosexual Jim Carruthers said in a recent City Commission meeting that “Traverse City is kind of behind the times” when it comes to “sexual orientation” issues. That makes me think again of the Christmas Carol incidence in December 2011 (mentioned above) at Cherry Knoll Elementary. Principal Christopher Parker mentioned that the school would make a “teachable moment” out of this for both the Teacher and the 1st and 2nd graders.  IF we are “behind the times”, then possibly our “teachable moments” at TCAPS should be like this one (http://www.massresistance.org/docs/articles/franklin_trans_1106.html ) in a 2006 news story entitled “Nightmare in Franklin” in Massachusetts where a former GLSEN Board member was a school counselor who used a “teachable moment” to teach 3rd grade 8-year old children about: "sex-change" and "cross-dressing" … “describing various families outside of the traditional mommy-and-daddy norm” … and “a GLSEN-trained social worker tells young impressionable children that men can ‘change’ into women and vice versa, or alternatively, they can just dress-up like each other.” (The link actually has 7 occurrences of “teachable moment”.)  Kirk & Madsen, two homosexual authors who wrote the book, “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the90's”, said their plan could be accomplished in 3 steps: (1) Desensitize (like what was happening to the 8 year old students above; (2) Jam – anyone who opposed their efforts (like me holding up the “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” sign to promote the 20 videos that expose the deception and danger to kids in this movement); and (3) Conversion – According to Robert Knight [one of Truth Academy (TA) video speakers] –  “It just happens.” Now we have about 50% of the public “converted” into celebrating homosexual behavior. And during the last 11 years I have been fighting this issue locally I have seen: (1) Three years of “Diversity Weeks” at TC Central High School 2001-2003, with many speakers speaking positively on the topic of homosexuality; (2) Borders bookstore having over 500 different book titles speaking positively on the topic of homosexual behavior, and after 45 minutes of looking with three different employees and managers, zero books showing the other side of this issue, like “ex-gays” or “health risks”, etc. (It was certainly their right as a bookstore to sell whatever they wanted, but it shows a tremendous bias to promote homosexual behavior); (3) The “Breaking Ice Dance Troupe” that promoted homosexual  behavior and mocked religion (to 2500 students, and local law enforcement personnel); (4) The NMC so-called “Gay & Lesbian Forum”, which was a totally one-sided and positive side only of homosexual behavior – an indoctrination session for the college students who were there, with no mention of the great health risks, and where I was addressed by a local ACLU attorney as, “Is this the homophobic?”, and where I was almost arrested for simply handing out a gospel tract outside the building that did not mention homosexuality. (We can’t have any differing opinions at NMC it seems.)  And according to Arthur Goldberg (TA Speaker), studies show that 40 – 90% of homosexuals are sexually abused as children. Should we celebrate that? No. (And once a child is sexually abused, studies have shown he/she is 7 times more likely to later identify as homosexual.) Rather, we should reach out with a hand of compassion and love, but not celebrate the known harmful behavior. In our Week 18 show by Robert Knight, he shares we should reach out with one hand of love to the homosexuals, and raise the other hand up in the “stop” position when they attempt to promote homosexual behavior to our children. For example, the local “TC Equality” site was linked to the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) site that promoted the “Day of Silence” in schools across the country. The GLSEN site was linked to “Hook-up sites” where adult homosexuals could meet with school children. And just this last October, TC Equality was advertising GLSEN’s “Coming Out Day” in our community (I wonder if they got permission slips from the TCAPS parents as they encouraged their children to identify as homosexuals?) We should expose those who attempt to promote dangerous behavior to the children in our community. There are two large elephants roaming the hallways in the TCAPS Schools. (We show pictures of them in our Week 18 Truth Academy Show which you can see at www.TCFamily.org. ) Many cannot see these elephants. The first one represents the extreme danger to the children who are encouraged into homosexual behavior. The second elephant represents the dominant position sought by those promoting homosexual behavior in our schools: One school board member calls local parents concerned about this issue “bigots”. She also said in a Board meeting that Teacher Evaluations should be tied to how well they implement TCAPS new “Sexual Orientation” policy. Another board member said that he wants the addition of “Sexual orientation” to the non-discrimination policy to be a highest priority from the Administration on down to all the teachers. And the spokesperson at a recent TCAPS bullying meeting said that any student who would question any other students “sexual orientation” -- for example to be concerned about them practicing dangerous homosexual behavior (which apparently the Seven School Board Members and Superintendent Cousins were not concerned about, because they never discussed the extreme health risks tied to homosexual behavior during the two nights of community discussion last spring before they all voted to add “sexual orientation” as a protected status) –  that that student would be charged with bullying. The “converted” among us are blind to seeing these two elephants; but many of us who have not yet been indoctrinated by these homosexualist activists, can see the danger that the TCAPS students are in.  Superintendent Cousins, in a recent letter over a tragic school situation, you wrote: “…Our families and our community entrust us every day with the safety and well-being of our children. We will never tolerate any action by any school district employee that puts safety and public trust at risk.” I thought that letter was great and appropriate. But then why did neither you nor any of the School Board members discuss the grave health risks associated with homosexual behavior before you added “sexual orientation” to your non-discrimination code. The CDC says it’s 44 times more likely for a homosexual man to get AIDS than a heterosexual man. An Oxford study shows that homosexuals live an average of 8-20 years less. And a recent study of 21 major metropolitan areas of the United States surveyed and tested gay men and found that 20% of them had AIDS, and 44% of those did not even know that they had it. And why do we have two GLSEN sponsored “Gay-Straight Alliances” at TCAPS with respected teachers as Advisors (or pied pipers), which send a message to ALL the TCAPS students that homosexual behavior is ok?  And Kevin Jennings, the homosexual teacher and founder of GLSEN (who took the group from 100 “Gay-Straight Alliances” in 1990, to over 4000 today, including our two groups at TCAPS), had this to say in describing how immorality got a foothold in the Massachusetts schools by using "safety" as an issue: ["We immediately seized upon the opponent's calling card -- safety -- and explained how homophobia represents a threats to students' safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Tilting our report, 'Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,' we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This....short-circuited their arguments and left them back-peddling from day one."] Does this sound like a man who is really concerned about the safety of your TCAPS child?  These are among the many reasons that we are so thankful to www.americansfortruth.com for allowing us to show their 20-part “Truth Academy about Homosexuality” videos. And it’s also why we talk about local homosexual activism at the end of the videos – in an effort to protect the children of our community.  I mentioned the “The 3 Stages of Truth” at the end of our Week 18 Truth Academy Show. Fist it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed (like happened in this Cherry Knoll incident). And third, it is accepted as being self-evident. That is our hope. And that is why we try to expose the truth about the homosexual movement in our community. It’s not about personality – I know many homosexuals who are wonderful and friendly people; it’s not about being sincere, because I believe that most homosexuals are sincere in their beliefs. But it is about Truth, and about the deception from Alfred Kinsey to the American Psychiatric Association ruling in 1973 to the propaganda techniques of Kirk & Madsen’s “After the Ball,” and Hollywood’s total promotion of homosexual behavior, and “The Gay Mafia” (see our Week 18 Show) etc., etc.  And the 10,000 Kindergarteners on up at TCAPS deserve more than just a friendly personality and sincerity. They deserve the truth also, and safety. Bottom line is this: “What is true and what is best for our society and our children?”  That’s why we are trying to expose the truth on this issue. NOW, back to the four men (who were very sincere) at Cherry Knoll Elementary School who were telling me to just go away…



Part 3:

When I saw Paul I told them that he was taking their pictures, in an attempt to get them to back off from me and the sign. They then backed away, still telling me that I should just leave. One or more of them then angrily went up to the parking lot to talk to Paul. I stayed out on the street holding up the “Truth Academy about Homosexuality / www.TCFamily.org” sign to passing cars, and those entering the school for the Parent-Teacher Conferences. (Again, my main goal with the sign was to point the parents to our www.TCFamily.org website so they could watch the 20-part Truth Academy about Homosexuality series; then they would see why I am so concerned about this issue.) I was there another 15 minutes or so until a Deputy Sheriff drove by and stopped to talk to me. She said I had 1st Amendment rights to be here with my sign, and asked if I wanted to file charges against the man who grabbed my sign. I initially said no, but that I certainly didn’t want it to happen again. But then I thought that I certainly didn’t want others to ever be threatened in a similar fashion for expressing their 1st Amendment rights. So I said I would file charges to make this public knowledge and to prevent it from happening again.