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April 13, 2011


Dear Concerned Reader:


I wrote the letter to the 4 principals yesterday morning at 8 a.m.  I have not heard back from them yet.  I plan to call each of them today in case they did not see my email.  If you are concerned about this issue, please contact them also (see contact info and questions below, and be polite.)  Please let me know what they say at this email address: info@tcfamily.org .  I will publish their answers to the 3 important questions below tomorrow morning.  If they are allowing students and their allies to celebrate the “Day of Silence”, then TCFamily will be encouraging parents to protest this dangerous action by pulling your child/children out of school on Friday, April 15th


Bill Wiesner / TCFamily.org Founder




Read the letter I wrote yesterday to the principals below:



Bill Wiesner

www.TCFamily.org Founder


April 12, 2011


Joe Tibaldi / Principal at TC West HS / 231-933-7502 / tibaldijo@tcaps.net

Rick Vandermolen / Principal at TC Central HS / 231-933-3502 / vandermori@tcaps.net

Pam  Alfieri / Principal at TC West Middle School / 231-933-8202 / alfieripa@tcaps.net

Cathy Meyer / Principal at TC East Middle School / 231-933-7304 / meyerca@tcaps.net


Dear Principals Tibaldi, Vandermolen, Alfieri, and Meyer:


Principal Tibaldi, last year about this same time before the “Day of Silence” (which is a pro-‘gay’ event – described below – that is allowed to occur at thousands of middle and high schools across the nation), I asked you if you were going to allow students and staff to remain silent in the classroom.  And you said for the past several years, ‘gay’ students had come up to you and asked if they could remain silent on “The Day of Silence”, and you said “Yes they could.”


The Day of Silence this year is scheduled for this Friday, April 15th.  Here are some questions I would like all of you to answer, and I will pass on this information to the best of my ability to the 5000 TCAPS concerned parents:


  1. Are you permitting students or teachers to remain silent in the classroom on “Day of Silence?”
  2. Are you permitting teachers to create lesson plans to accommodate student silence?
  3. Is Friday April 3, 2011 the day that “The Day of Silence” will be celebrated, if it is celebrated at your school?


Here are some of the reasons we are concerned about celebrating this day:

(excerpts from this link: http://www.doswalkout.net/img/IFI_DOS%202011%20Parental%20Instruction.pdf )


Explain to your children why you’re taking a stand:


a.       Homosexual behavior is not an innate identity.

b.      No matter what factors may influence homosexual feelings, freely chosen homosexual behavior is immoral and should be resisted.

c.       Homosexuality is not equivalent to race.

d.      Disapproval of homosexuality is not equivalent to racism; nor is it hatred; nor is it bullying; nor does it constitute an incitement to violence. It is permissible and ethical to express disapproval of homosexuality. Just because someone may feel bad when hearing that someone disapproves of homosexuality does not mean that disapproval is cruel or wrong.

a.       No school should support a view of homosexuality that is unproven and controversial, and that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually destructive to individuals and society.

b.      No school should allow instructional time to be politicized.


You might also be interested in this article by Linda Harvey entitled, “Dumbing down for the Day of Silence” http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=285601 Here are excerpts from about one-third of that article:




The Gaying of America

Dumbing down for the Day of Silence

Exclusive: Linda Harvey spotlights today’s ‘lobotomized young mind’ in public school

Posted: April 11, 2011
1:00 am Eastern



On Friday, April 15, students all over the country will participate in a silent protest, communicating volumes about what they don't know and have not been allowed to learn.

Students observing the Day of Silence will be protesting the alleged system-wide victimization of homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, intersexed, queer and questioning students, teachers, janitors, bus drivers and school superintendents, based on heteronormativity and homophobia, stemming from outworn arguments and old attitudes, inevitably leading to bullying and violence.

Got it? Or maybe you are sensing a monumental con job here?

If that's your impression, you would be correct. The Day of Silence, a "student-led" event sponsored for the umpteenth year by the very adult Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), exemplifies the worst of current educational philosophy in the public schools.

In a word, it's dumb.

The DOS operates at the most elementary level of manipulation, propaganda and social engineering. It takes "social justice" nonsense, stirs in unfounded claims of "civil rights," adds a helping of knee-jerk anti-religious prejudice, swirls in teen rebellion, and simmers with disconnected stories of tragedy and heartbreak. Out comes a Hitler Youth product ready to do battle with anyone holding traditional moral values or even common sense. …..

The DOS takes one foundational myth – that some people are "born gay" – and dares only the most twisted fundamentalist to challenge this assumption.

Once that intimidation hurdle is crossed, the next pile of manure transformed into perfume is the issue of outcomes. "Don't you dare mention the health risks, or talk about what homosexuals actually do – that's hateful!" …..

Sometimes students are actively discouraged from examining another viewpoint. They are told what these other views offer ("bias, fear of those who are different, ignorance, religious prejudice"), so there's no need to fact-check, no review of history and, heavens, no review of public-health statistics even from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. …..


Please respond to my three questions today, so I can pass on your answers to the same media outlets tomorrow.  If you are allowing this “Day of Silence” to be celebrated in your schools, then we will be advising the 5000 TCAPS parents to hold their children out on Friday as a protest.  We will protest whenever you take actions like this to endanger the 10000 TCAPS students.

By the way, could you help out the TCAPS Board in a little matter?  I know that Dr. Mohr stated that Safety is the Number One Issue at TCAPS.  However, we’ve mentioned grave concerns for the 10000 TCAPS students if they add “sexual orientation (homosexual behavior) to the Non-Discrimination Policy.  And the TCAPS Board has yet to address these concerns of ours.

So, could you simply tell the Board how to answer us when we say we are VERY concerned for the 10000 TCAPS students, considering these CDC and Oxford University statistics on the dangers of homosexual behavior?

1.      It is 44 times more likely for a homosexual male to contract HIV than for a heterosexual.

2.      71% of the male AIDS cases are from homosexual males.

3.      In a survey of 21 urban centers in the USA, 20% of the homosexual males had HIV, and only half of them knew about it.

4.      And the Oxford study shows that homosexuals will lose up to 20 years off their lives by practicing homosexual behavior. (which is up to 3 times more dangerous than smoking, which we discourage.)

So the Board could really use any tips you might have so that they can answer (the 5000 TCAPS tax-paying and school-supporting and loving parents) why they should not be concerned about them planning to add “Sexual Orientation” to the school policy, thus further promoting this behavior and these tragic health statistics.

I look forward to reading your responses when I get home from work tonight.


Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org Founder