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Titles and Authors of recent Letters to the Record Eagle showing the “tolerance” of those promoting dangerous homosexual behavior to our Kindergarteners – 12th Grade! 


Do you think TCAPS might show this same kind of “tolerance” to any student who doesn’t “celebrate diversity” = “celebrate dangerous homosexual behavior”?





Pushing ‘hate propaganda’        David McClary Traverse City


Paul Nepote is a very disturbed, troubled man         Deni Scudato, Traverse City (former City Commissioner)


The bigots cloaking themselves in religious ignorance       M’lynn Hartwell


Bigotry and false information should not hamper your efforts    Ann Rogers, Traverse City


Shame on those who would teach their children intolerance and bigotry under the guise of Christian values          Patrice Wisner Arcadia



Jason Gillman, a [Grand Traverse] County Commissioner spews homophobic claptrap equating gays with pedophiles.                RECORD-EAGLE


Recall Jason Gillman                           Denise Walters Flees Maple City


Some people are saying that Commissioner Jason Gillman should be fired, or recalled, for “Conduct Unbecoming a County Employee”       M’lynn Hartwell


GT County Commissioner States: Jason Gillman's Bigotry is Ugly                

Ross Richardson Grand Traverse County commissioner Traverse City


Gillman should resign                Ann Laurence Traverse City


Bigots, Bibles, and Holy Beasts          J.L. Johnson, Traverse City



Fire Commissioner Gillman                          Tom Emmott Traverse City



Jason Gillman's ignorant and hateful regurgitation              Taylor Nash


Paul Nepote >= Fred Phelps               Lee Davis


YOU ARE A BIGOT!” Paul Nepote             Brian Simerson • Traverse City