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Jeff Haas to speak to 3000 TCAPS Students (on April 27-29, 2011)


Jeff Haas is coming to town Wednesday April 27 – Friday April 29.  He will be speaking on “diversity and tolerance”, which nowadays usually means “the promotion of homosexual behavior.”  He’s already spoken to more than 50000 school children, and will likely attempt to indoctrinate 3000 TCAPS students April 27-29.  Locations and times of events not yet known.





Happening Around Town


April 27-29th
Building Bridges with Music
Music speaks the universal language of peace tolerance and unity regardless of ethnic or religious orientation. Music helps us to acquire an enhanced understanding of other people. Join us in "Building Bridges with Music" - featuring Jeff Haas and his amazing Quintet - who are taking their music and message into Traverse City schools to conduct Diversity Workshops to over 3000 youth.