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TCFamily Letter to Pastors (04-22-11):


Action Items requested:

Regarding Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) plan to add "sexual orientation" (= dangerous homosexual behavior) to its non-discrimination policy, which would in effect promote dangerous homosexual behavior to Kindergarteners - 12th grade.


Urgent action requested from now (Friday April 22) through the very end of TCAPS Board meeting on Monday evening April 25th, please help with what follows in the letter below IN ANY CREATIVE MANNER THAT YOU CAN!


Hi  Pastor Friends,


I’ve attached the following 4 files regarding TCAPS plan to add “sexual orientation” (= homosexual behavior) to its non-discrimination code:


(1)     File1 -- A “summary of TCAPS HR-Policy Meeting”, written by Paul Nepote.  From what the Board members have said so far, all 7 plan to vote for this.  Paul also called in to WTCM radio several times this week and did an EXCELLENT job speaking to Ron Jolly and Norm Jones on this issue.


(2)     File2 -- “Pastor Peter Moon addressing the TCAPS HR/Policy Committee:”   It was an EXCELLENT letter, and it was inspiring to see a Pastor speak out, even with M’Lynn Hartwell (self-identified ‘gay’ activist) surely planning even now how she can get him locked up for his “hatred and bigotry.”


(3)    File3 -- Jeff Haas to speak to 3000 TCAPS Students (on April 27-29, 2011) -- He will be conducting "Diversity Workshops", and IF it is anything like the 3 Years of "Diversity Weeks" that I attended from 2001-2003, then he will be promoting diverse sexual orientations = dangerous homosexual behavior.  See also the 3 files below describing Jeff Haas' work, which includes:


(4)     File4 -- “Hateful RE Letters’ Titles”, which shows the intolerance and hatred for anyone, who dares to logically & compassionately speak out on this “sexual orientation” issue.  I wonder how long it will be before the certain TCAPS students will be labeled as “haters” also?


(5)     Also, you can send any concerned citizens to my www.TCFamily.org website.  (I just put up a partial transcript of the March 14th meeting where this issue was 1st discussed; it is very revealing to see where the Board members stand on this issue.)  And I’ll be adding a few more interesting local articles before the vote on Monday.


(6)     Also, here’s the link to the 7 TCAPS Board Members names / phone numbers / email addresses. (http://www.tcaps.net/Information/BoardofEducation/tabid/68/Default.aspx ) Please ask EVERYONE you know to call one or all of the 7 Board members.  Be polite but direct, and ask them to simply stop ALL Bullying, but NOT to add “sexual orientation”, which simply normalizes and gives a special protected status for dangerous homosexual behavior.


(7)     Also, here’s the link to the “Board Packet” for the Monday, April 25th meeting: http://pview.tcaps.net/boardpacket/Board%20Packet%2004-25-11/ (“sexual orientation” never seems to be mentioned outright, but believe me it is in the fine print and will be voted on Monday night.)


The 10000 TCAPS students are counting on us, even though a good share of them might already look upon us as “haters,” thanks to the more than 10 years of TCAPS indoctrination of the students with dangerous homosexual propaganda; so spread the word to every concerned pro-family person you know.  And come to the meeting Monday night at 6 pm.  Let’s not let the 10000 TCAPS children down by sitting on the sidelines; let us fight the good fight, and stand firm.


They should get 1000 calls / emails from us before the meeting; and we should have 1000 concerned Christians (who are willing to lay down their lives for their children), to show up at the meeting Monday, and demand that the Board simply “Protect ALL kids; but do NOT add ‘sexual orientation’ = dangerous homosexual behavior.”



Bill Wiesner / TCFamily.org Founder