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Request to Friends for 1000 phone calls to Board!


Saturday, April 23, 2011     8:30 p.m.


Hi Friends,


Letís make 1000 calls and emails on EASTER Sunday and Monday, and have 1000 show up at the meeting Monday night and demand that they NOT push this dangerous ďADULTĒ homosexual political agenda onto our 10000 TCAPS kids!


Iím thinking 8 a.m. until about 10 p.m. would be fair hours to call all 7 board members on Easter Sunday, simply because we have less than two days left.  And contact your pastors BEFORE church tomorrow and ask THEM to set an example for their congregation and say that they plan to call on EASTER, and ask their members to do likewise.  AND, come to the meeting Monday night.


Think of any and all creative ways to get this message out.


Iím going to start by calling Marjie Rich (Board President), tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., and then just go down the list of Board members, all before I go to Church.  IF they plan to greatly endanger our children, then 1000 calls to each of them on Easter Sunday is a proper and Christian thing to do.  Be polite, and sincerely wish them a Happy Easter before you hang up.


See you all Monday night Ė to protect our 10000 TCAPS kids! (How can we expect THEM to stand up on this issue if we donít?)


Iím going to start calling my list of 60 churches right night to encourage them to participate in this righteous action.


Happy Easter to you and your families!


Bill Wiesner