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TCAPS 2011-03-14 Board Meeting Transcript

(discussed adding "Sexual Orientation" to the "Non-Discrimination" code.)
(Bold and Yellow highlighting used for most important parts)
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(Not all of what was said has been transcribed, but you can watch it all at the link above.)
Num Speaker Start
Comments made by the speakers who attended the Board Meeting Commentary & Concerns by Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org
in this column (in red):
    hh:mm:ss [Note start times: hh:mm:ss -- for those viewing the 3/14/11 Board Meeting online.] How TCAPS is promoting homosexuality to our 10,000 TCAPS children:
0.1 President
0:12:37 Now is the time for people in the audience to make public comment.  You may do so on anything pertaining to our agenda tonight.  If you would like to comment on something other than that related to TCAPS, you may do so at the end of our meeting where we have a 2nd "public comments."  You have 3 minutes to make public comment, so if there is anybody who would like to, you may do so now.  
1.1 Aaron
0:13:05 I needed to be first because I have a group of young men waiting for baseball tryouts today.  My name is Aaron Bigger.  I am a teacher at Traverse City High School.    
1.2 Aaron
0:13:25 I'm also the faculty advisor for the "Gay-Straight Alliance" at Traverse City Central, otherwise known as the "GSA".  Today I come to talk to you guys about the Board of Education Policy 5517, and that has to do with bullying and hazing, as well as other forms of harassment.   As the faculty advisor, do you advise the young men that according to the CDC:
(1) It's 44 times (4400%) more likely for a 'gay' man to get HIV than for a straight man? 
(2) 71% of the male AIDS cases come from homosexual males?
(3) 1 out of 5 'gay' men in 21 urban centers in the USA had contracted HIV, and 44% of them did not even know it?
(4) An Oxford study shows homosexuals live an average of 8-20 years less than heterosexuals?
1.3 Aaron
0:13:48 I just wanted to come and commend you on, as an administration, strengthening this policy.  One of the biggest things I know our administrative staff tries to do -- and accomplishes it -- is provide a safe environment for not only the students to learn, but for the teachers to teach.  And I think this policy strengthens that communication, not only from our administrative staff to the people we serve in the community, but also strengthens it from the administrative staff to the teachers, and then from the teachers to the students, and makes this other group of students that we've included feel more protected and more a part of this learning environment.     How can you possibly interpret the above statistics as providing a "safe environment"?

For those who understand this issue, the
communication that this policy sends from the administrative staff to the people we serve in the community is this:

"we want to gravely endanger your 10,000 TCAPS children by promoting dangerous homosexual behavior to your children from Kindergarten through 12th grade." 
1.4 Aaron
0:14:35 It's an interesting topic when we're looking at our schools and all the changes that are going on.  I look at this as a very positive step to maintaining that safety, because I think we don't recognize how exceptional a job we do in this area until we compare it to others.  So, thank you very much.   I believe your well-intentioned goal is to "maintain the safety" of the students;

however in actuality, you are taking the position of cheerleader, to encourage confused young adults to practice dangerous homosexual behavior.
2.1 Marisa
3.1 Joli
0:16:52 My name is Joli LaRochi and I'm here on capacity of "3rd Level Crisis Intervention Center."  My role there is as suicide for prevention for youth -- prevention for youth suicide.  And the reason why I'm here tonight is because we wanted to thank all of you for this 5517. Have you read this article on 'gay' suicide?: http://www.narth.com/docs/gayteens.html
The last sentence of the "Gay Teens and Attempted Suicide" article is this (see below):
3.2 Joli
  What we're aware of in our studies as we're working together, is when you look at prevention in all areas, it looks "up".  And what we know for young people that are being bullied as well as those that are doing the bullying themselves, there's an increase, a significant increase, for not only suicide, but other problems such as mental health issues, poor academic -- and the list goes on and on -- and we all want our young people to be successful.   "Perhaps the parents of another boy will bring suit against a school system which labeled the child as unchangeably homosexual and turned him over to a gay support group, where he contracted AIDS."
3.3 Joli
  What I wanted to just make you all aware of here is that 3rd Level is available to partner with your efforts as you're working toward implementing these guidelines at your schools.  We can, we are available as far as giving you information; we're very interested in evidence-based data.  I've attended several webenars.  We've got another one upcoming.  They're free resources that we are very willing to provide to you that specifically target bullying, and also make you aware of our resources and programming at 3rd Level that deals with our sexual minority young people and our support system that way.  We understand this can be a complex issue that are related to all these things.  And we just want to make sure that we're thinking about those that are doing the bullying as well.  That sometimes comes as a surprise to folks that they're also at high risk. Thank you for your time.   Will you partner to form more 'gay' youth groups?  Will "3rd Level" and TCAPS be held liable when one of the students in these groups contracts HIV?

What part of 44 times more dangerous (4400%) do we not understand?

And do you think the parents of any TCAPS student who contracts HIV will be happy with TCAPS' attempt to "celebrate 'diversity'" -- the "new diversity" means the promotion of homosexual behavior -- with the TCAPS students K-12?
4.1 Andy
0:22:07 [Partial-only-transcript for now, starting at (12:25)]:  With the great administration and great staff and great community that we have here, I believe that we can have a comprehensive policy that the nation and the state look up to as a template for what they are going to do.  Thank you for your time. So not only do we want to promote this dangerous behavior in Traverse City -- we also want to spread it to the entire state & nation?
5.1 Jerry
6.1 Matthew
7.1 Bill
8.1 Jeffrey
0:38:28 I'm Jeff Knobl.  I'm a former high school teacher at Traverse City West.  I was also one of the directors of the WINDFIRE program, which was a gay & lesbian support group through 3rd Level Crisis Center.  Although those were in the past, I would like to support 5517.  I think an anti-bullying policy by the board is very important.  It lends credence to the whole school district, that certain things will not be tolerated.  And I think it's necessary in your position to send that message.  And with that, I understand how difficult it is to stem it.  And I think your policy is the first step to say, "This is not going to be tolerated here in this community, and we're standing up to it, and we're not going to allow it to occur."  So I do wish and hope that here in 2011 there will be an anti-bullying policy with Traverse City Area Public Schools.  Thank you.   The "WINDFIRE" support group includes people who practice homosexual behavior;

MANY in our Traverse city community are concerned about the vastly increased mental & physical health risks for these students;

moreover, we are concerned for the students that they may
recruit into their lifestyle behavior.

What are the "
certain things that will not be tolerated?" -- possibly anyone who dare to speak out about their true concerns for those who practice this behavior?
9.1 Noel
10.1 Peter
0:41:58 "I want to tell you about 3 incidents in my life regarding bullying ..."
"... I'm just here to tell you -- all genders and all races and all creeds and all sexes -- can discriminate and be discriminated against, and  I want to encourage you as a Board that has to make a tough decision, to consider all the people.  Bullying is wrong, and it should be staved off at all possibility.  And I just want to encourage you.  Thank you for your time."
11.1 Paul
12.1 Elizabeth
The 1st Public Comment Time  stopped at 0:50:50
Board Comments on "bullying" start 2 hours later at 2:56:35 (24m of their discussions)
Bill Wiesner final 3 minute comments start at 3:22:10 (3h:22m:10s)
2:56:35 The 7 member Board discusses the reasons why "sexual orientation" [homosexual behavior] should be added to the non-discrimination code.  From their 24 minute discussion I think you will agree that ALL of the Board members already plan to pass this and add "sexual orientation" [read 'homosexual behavior'] to the list of items promoted at TCAPS -- this will do the exact opposite of what they plan -- it will gravely endanger all of the 10,000 TCAPS students.  (see PARTIAL TRANSCRIPTION OF SELECTED COMMENTS BELOW):  
1 Marjorie
2:56:35 "Final discussion item, I'm going to defer to Mrs. Davis here, and this is for first reading of Board Policy #5517, we've heard several public comments on this tonight, but if you would like to make any comments at this time?"  
2 Chris
  "Yes I could -- Policy 5517 is before you; I have brought it to the Board HR Policy Committee Meeting for an initial discussion, and it is before you.  As most of you probably know, the Office of Civil Rights provides for the non-discrimination based on 'race, color, national origin, sex, disability, and age'; and the Elliot Larson Civil Rights Act added some additional categories including 'religion, height, weight, and marital status'; and recently I brought board policy to you regarding the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act which added the genetic information protection.  In addition there is legal authority regarding interpretation in Title IX to include 'sexual orientation' as applied to students.  And so before you we've drafted initial readings; certainly we've received good feedback FROM the audience this evening regarding the policy.  But before you is the recommendation on revisions TO the policy."
To see strong arguments that refute this "legal authority" to add 'sexual orientation', clink on the link in the cell below by "Hans Bader", entitled:

Free Speech, Privacy, and Federalism are Casualties as Obama Administration Exploits Bullying Issue

3 Gary
4 Chris
5 Supt. Steve
2:59:45 "One of the standards under 'sexual harassment' is that when you reach a resolution, as much as you possibly can, the person who has been harassed, feels that that resolution is adequate.  It's one of the legal standards that they use when they determine whether the district acted in a way that it should, or any organization that's dealing with that.  And one of the things that we've learned about bullying over the years is that that's probably our fallback position, in terms of when working with a student who has been bullied, to the greatest extent we possibly can, we want them and their parents to feel as if the steps we are taking are going to make the situation better.  And I know that seems maybe fague or not as objective or not as quantifiable as it should be.  But it's an important standard to keep in the back of your mind, in terms of, you want to make sure that as we SHAPE Policy that says -- we will react in a certain way -- we want to leave as much leeway as we possibly can in that reaction, so that we can be creative in meeting that standard, where we're working with parents and kids.  And it's one of the reasons that I wouldn't recommend that we have a dictated process for resolutions or discipline on these, that the way that we've written it allows our administration to keep that standard in mind when they're working with students who have been bullied and with their parents.  
6 Gary
7.1   3:01:37    
7.2 Chris
3:01:45 "I might also add to demonstrate the seriousness that the district takes in the area of bullying -- I could recite a couple of the positive proactive measures that have been put in place, that have helped curtail the bullying -- they include security cameras in our buildings; a plan in many of the classrooms on 'what and how we treat everybody with respect in that classroom'; many of our (especially at the secondary level) have 'wing plans', so their particular grade level wing (or however they are divided) have a plan in place on how they react and treat bullying; several of our buildings have had all-school assemblies; and as recently as early in the school year, the first week of school, some of our buildings had some 'all-school assemblies' on bullying; the principal that takes the complaint from the student informs the teacher of the student -- all the teachers of the student -- who is accussing someone of bullying, that that's going on so that they can be very aware of it in their classrooms;

...Some of our schools have had all-school-assemblies regarding 'bullying'
7.3 Chris
3:03:00 and we also have it in our secondary handbook that is distributed at the beginning of the year and gone over.  While the teachers in first hour can't go over and don't go over every single action of the handbook, this is such an important section -- they do go over the anti-bullying section of the contract, as well as the consequences that students can face. So that's some of the proactive measures that have been put in place.  Can we do more?  Certainly, we can always do more, and continuing to work with our principals on some additional initiatives for next school year."      
8 Marjorie
3:03:35 "I appreciated the woman that spoke tonight from '3rd Level Crisis" and her offer to help craft some of the response that we might have; and I guess I would we may be working with them more closely than I'm aware of, but I think that's something " 3rd Level Crisis Center has a 'gay' youth group called "Windfire", whose mission is:

"Inspiring the creation of safe space for LGBTQ youth."
9 Chris
3:03:48 "We do work with '3rd Level Crisis' and  by her being here, I think that  was a very supportive but I think we will be following up with some good suggestions that she had yet this evening." However, along with the two "'Gay'-Straight Alliances" at both TCWest and TCCentral, the behavior that they practice is very unsafe.
10.1 Megan
10.2 Megan
3:04:13 " but there's only one way of preventing bullying is for adults to not allow it, and to be out in the hallway and to not ignore things, and  frankly I'm concerned that that doesn't always happen, and that it doesn't happen as often as it should.  It's frustrating to me; I don't know what the resolution is there."  
11 Chris
3:04:36 I know I do, I am aware; some of our PLCs [professional learning communities] for this school year -- at the teacher level -- are specifically on preventing bullying in the schools.  So I know some of the teachers have really recognized it as  initiative they have taken on.  I know East Middle School alone has 4 PLCs -- teacher PLCs -- that are devoted strictly to the bullying area.  So all of our schools certainly can do more in working with reporting of instances and breaking down, but we're out in the buildings alot and see a lot of staff that are stopping things as they see them, and bringing them to the school counselor, and the school social worker's attention as well.  Our school social workers have been instrumental in sitting down with students and doing some dialoguing with the victim and the accuser to try and do some problem solving.   We can all agree that the goal is to STOP ALL BULLYING;

however, by adding "sexual orientation" (translated: "homosexual behavior") to the non-discrimination policy, you are acting as cheerleaders to encourage vulnerable TCAPS students to practice dangerous homosexual behavior.
12 Kelly
3:05:34 "It's a long stretch from Board Policy down to Staff Evaluations, but I think by passing a strong anti-bullying policy, the Board will show our commitment -- we don't accept it.  And ultimately if staff is accepting it tepidly, it should be reflected in evaluations.  I know that's a long stretch, but I do think that passing a strong policy helps." So a teacher who might have valid concerns because of the promotion of homosexual behavior at TCAPS -- including because of the dire health risks, especially for 'gay' men --  would get a low evaluation?

Would applicants for teaching positions be required to accept homosexual behavior as healthy and normal?
13 Julie
3:06:08 "My questions regarding this are just centered around that young man who spoke tonight and other support people in his life.  You know I want to make sure there are procedures in place; and I don't want them delineated, because I think every situation is different; I think there's lots of shades of gray, and how to handle it.   I mean, I'm not 'it's bullying' or 'it's not bullying', that there's different ways to handle it.  But I just want to make sure that our administration and our schools understand that we can't have young men coming here, or young women, saying, 'I was miserable for five years', or what not; I want them protected!" Yes Trustee Pucket, we ALL want them protected.

BUT the only safe way to protect them is to stop all bullying WITHOUT using the 10000 TCAPS students as pawns in the political agenda of the 'adult' homosexual activists, who want to encourage OUR children to experiment and "be fluid" in dangerous homosexual behavior.

And by adding 'sexual orientation' to TCAPS Policy, you are NOT protecting the TCAPS students; rather, you are gravely endangering the students that WE placed under your care.
14 Chris
3:06:55 "Mr. Marek has been wonderful to work with.  He's been instrumental this school year in working with Mrs. Alfieri at West Middle School, and providing input to us on how to make the policy stronger and the  steps to put in place.  And Mrs. Alfieri I know has as a result of Mr. Marek working with them, put some information together to send to parents that, that we're concerned on Mr. Marek's behalf, and put some things in place identifying some of the safety structures that have been put in place at the school; some of the education procedures that have been put in place, and some of the consequences that have been revised, and the people like Mr. Marek who have been there, they have seen it, and provide a lot of insight.  And matter of fact when I got the Policy I sent it to him to see if he has any insight into it, and will continue to work with him, and his wonderful son." Mr. Marek again should be applauded for defending his son; that's the most important job of ALL fathers.

However, Mr. Marek sat next to me at the January 19, 2011 TCAPS "Futures of Learning" Mini Summit held at TCWest HS; and when we were all asked, "What do you appreciate most about TCAPS," he responded: "DIVERSITY."

And whether Mr. Marek understands this or not, I don't know, but the new politically-motivated "diversity" is used simply to normalize and promote dangerous homosexual behavior to our children.
15 Gary
3:07:50 "Because this is the 1st Reading, as chair of the HR Policy Committee, I'd like to suggest that we take the "GUIDELINES" back, and  look really closely on how we might strengthen them, while maintaining some degree of latitude for staff and their professional  judgment.  But I think we have the opportunity here to look really closely, and see if there's ways that we can make this more rigorous, and increase the visibility of our beliefs and our values so that they filter down to every staff member, and that it's really clear that this is the highest priority for the Board and for Administration  and for Staff.  And we want parents to hear that loud and clear.  So, we have time; I don't think it delay this in any way.  If my colleagues on the HR [Human Resources] Policy agree,  we'll take it back, look at it closely, take suggestions from Staff, and see what we can do." So Trustee Appel, are you saying that: you want to First add the politically-charged word, "sexual orientation," which is being promoted by homosexual activists such as "Safe-Schools" Czar Kevin Jennings, to TCAPS Policy;

Then you want to "strengthen ... and make this "more rigorous" ... and have it "filter down" to every TCAPS staff member ... and TCAPS parents ... that this is the highest priority ... that PARENTS should hear loud and clear ...

That at TCAPS we plan to promote dangerous homosexual behavior to your children, whether you like it or not? 
16 Marjorie
3:08:48 "You know, I think that in my mind, this is a bigger question: bullying is one thing that takes place, but it's really I think promoting a community of TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE of others.  And I think we live in a place that's fairly homogeneous in the culture, becoming less so.  But I think as a District, what we really need to do is 'think about whether or not we are doing all we can to promote respect and value for DIVERSITY and just differences among us.  And so I think that this is addressing, 'when it becomes a problem'; but what can we maybe think about to prevent it from even happening.  So I guess I would maybe put it back on Administration to think more deeply  about -- not just how do we address it when it does occur -- but how do we prevent it in the first place. President Rich, you don't seem very "tolerant and accepting" of most of the 5000 TCAPS parents who do NOT want you promoting dangerous homosexual behavior to our 10000 TCAPS children.

Did you know that the new homosexual activist "Homophobia Scale" regards those who simply "TOLERATE" and "ACCEPT" homosexual behavior as still being "Homophobic?"

The homosexual activists will not be happy until we CELEBRATE their dangerous behavioral choices.  They want us all to CELEBRATE SEXUAL ANARCHY.
17 Eric
3:09:43 And is there -- I think it's a wonderful idea, and maybe if we can fall back on what Miss Alfieri's [Principal at West Middle School] pulled together, and what she started, and ask other administrators, even going back to, from a big program, some of the programs and the grants that have been being implemented in the elementary schools, as far as respect, and that are really seeing results from what I have heard, and talked about.  And seeing if there is a way, or even a precedent,  for taking, what we're talking about 'policy way', but wrapping it into an entire philosophy and set of programs that are being implemented, that really speak to exactly what Marjorie addressed."  
18 Chris
3:10:31 "Modeling tolerance and acceptance of DIVERSITY." This is the often-used mantra of those who want to promote dangerous homosexual behavior to YOUR children! 

However, they are "tolerant and accepting" ONLY of those who share their belief in promoting dangerous sexual anarchy for our children.
19 Megan
20 Julie
21 Megan
22 Marjorie
23 Megan
3:14:10 So I have a question for Gary: it sounds like you are talking specifically about the "Guidelines"  -- going back for "Guidelines?  [Gary: "Yes"] And so I'm wondering, does that mean that the Policy has to go back?  Because they're, are they tied, or do we go on to a 2nd Reading immediately on the Policy, and we'll just go back, because we don't approve the Guidelines.  But we just approve the Policy.  [Gary: "Right, right, that's right."]  Procedurally, what?"   
24 Gary
3:14:42 As I understand it, we can approve the Policy, and continue to revise the Guidelines.    
25 Chris
3:14:45 What happens very often you have more of the Board Policy, and then the Committee will continue to work on the Guidelines, and I think it will be helpful because, it goes back to what Mrs. Rich is saying, about 'how do we be proactive'.  This Policy is really only one piece of the whole puzzle, as are the Guidelines.  And what I hear you saying is -- and we can put together what you're saying Eric -- is put together for you some of the programs that we already have in place about treating each other with respect, and some of the proactive things we're doing, as opposed to on the other end, when we have the bullying coming through.  There are many things going on throughout our schools, in the area of treating each other with respect and dignity and preventing -- doing on the prevention end of it.  This is just one piece at the end of the policy." We ALL rightly agree that TCAPS should encouraging its students to "treat each other with respect and dignity."

However, when President Rich speaks of being "proactive", I'm afraid that part of her "proactive" plan is to add "sexual orientation" to TCAPS policy, which again will encourage dangerous homosexual behavior to our 10000 TCAPS students.

See the simple solution below:
26 Supt. Steve
3:15:32 "Yes.  I would suggest that maybe where we need to start is: 'pulling together a picture of what's going on.', so we can look at that and say, where are we right now.    And there is, pull together the best practices and see what we can put together that would look more like a proactive program.  I'm sure we've got things going on that we can replicate throughout the District, and there's other programs -- other people have been successful with this.  But let's start by pulling together what we're doing, and we can take that to the HR Policy Committee." The simple solution that would make ALL 5000 TCAPS parents and ALL 10000 TCAPS students happy and at peace, is to Stop All Bullying, Period, WITHOUT adding "sexual orientation" = homosexual behavior.

To see a wonderful 5-page model anti-bullying policy that would stop bullying, and yet not endanger the students, click on the ParentsActionLeague.org link below, and select from the right-hand column:

"ISD11 Bullying and Cyber bullying Prohibition Policy"
27 Megan
3:16:05 So then would we have, when would this come up, would this be ..? http://www.parentsactionleague.org/
28 Gary
3:16:08 "2nd Reading."  
29 Megan
3:16:10  Would this be 2nd Reading a month from now, or would it be  
30 Gary
3:16:16 "Next business meeting."  
31 Marjorie
3:16:18 "April 11th."  
32 Megan
3:16:19 "So would there be time at that to have some more comprehensive information as to what's already going on in the District? -- just cause I know it's late right now, but I think this is an important enough thing that it should be held at a time when the rest of the Community can kind of see it and ... Thank You! Megan for speaking up for the 5000 TCAPS parents who want this bullying policy thoroughly discussed before you vote -- including the grave health risks related to homosexual behavior which you all have avoided discussing.
33 Supt. Steve
3:16:36 Well, I see them as two separate questions.  The one is: 'what are we going to do with the policy'?  And then the other one is:  seems to me to be a longer term question: 'what are we currently doing as the baseline', and then, 'how are we going to continuously improve that?'"  So, I would recommend we go ahead like procedurally we would with the policy.  At the same time,  we can work on pulling together the information we're talking about, and not tie our hands to a timeline; just say, 'we're going to do a baseline, and then we're going to create a plan for continuous improvement on it.'  Because if we try to do that, and tie that to the approval of the Policy, I think we're going to be quite a ways out." Go ahead and pass it before discussing the many concerns of the 5000 TCAPS parents whose taxes pay to run the TCAPS school system?

It's not bad if this decision is moved "quite a ways out," if that will insure that the TCAPS 10,000 students are truly kept safe, especially since according to Dr. Mohr, "Safety is #1 at TCAPS."
34 Megan
3:17:17 "I would though like in that conversation, I think we're going to have a bit more of a conversation around the actual approval of the policy.  It's going to be interesting to lots of the people in the community still a month from now,  so I would at least like to kind of make a commitment at that point that we are taking more steps; we are still investigating it, and have that part of the conversation  [ Supt. Steve Cousins: "OK."] If you pass the "Policy" portion on April 11th -- then that becomes the TCAPS Law that can then be used to bully TCAPS teachers and Staff -- who dare to realize that the promotion of dangerous homosexual behavior at TCAPS will actually gravely harm many of the students.  

... The time to discuss all of this is BEFORE you vote on the policy change.
35 Gary
3:17:46 "Can I ask the question, 'In terms of the Policy as written, or as proposed,  is there any direction that you want to give the Committee in terms of looking at it, or are you comfortable with it as currently proposed?'  The Policy -- separate from the Guidelines."  
36 Kelly
3:18:01 "I'm comfortable with the Policy, and I would complement, there has been an argument that by 'enumerating some categories of, well things like 'race, color, national origin,  on down to sexual orientation,' that somehow we're excluding protection from bullying of people who aren't bullied because of those reasons?  And I read it and I don't read it that way.  I don't think that we're excluding anyone by listing enumerated classes.  And I think it's important to enumerate those classes of people because frankly the large numbers of bullying are for these reasons." If you are not excluding anyone by listing enumerated classes, then by your own statement

enumerating classes, such as "sexual orientation," is NOT NECESSARY.

The simple solution that EVERYONE could agree on is this:

Do what the founder of the largest anti-bullying group in the country (Bully Police) recommends: protect ALL students without enumerating "sexual orientation."
37 Chris
3:18:49 "I would agree with you, and I did run it by legal council just for that specific lens to see, does this appear to be excluding any students, and I was met with a resounding 'no.'  This language would not  exclude others." ditto the comments above.
38 Kelly
3:19:05 "And I think that by enumerating, we provide clear guidance for Staff that we won't tolerate [Gary Appel: "Right."] bullying for these reasons." meaning any opposing viewpoints will be squashed by the TCAPS Administration??
39 Gary
3:19:14 "I think we want to communicate to Staff, to the Community, and to Students, that there is no room for INTOLERANCE at TCAPS.  And if the policy does that, then it's good; and if it's not doing that, then we need to go back and look at it.  I'm hearing, I think, that the Policy as written -- thinking of it as a narrow Policy -- is doing that.  It's communicating how important we feel about this, for all students, for everybody in the TCAPS Community." meaning EVERYONE must tolerate dangerous homosexual behavior at TCAPS?
40 Kelly
3:19:41 "And Staff."  
41 Gary
3:19:42 "And Staff."  
42 Scott
3:19:45 "I think it's also noteworthy that it's consistent with the Policy that's been adopted by the City, and by the County as well, so that at least we're all in agreement as to what constitutes this, and what we're going to do in terms of enumerating at least our stance on this, so, I like that continuity." Trustee Hardy, we do not want you simply to create policy that's consistent with any other policy;

Rather, our number one concern is that you create policy that PROTECTS -- and NOT endanger -- our 10000 TCAPS students!
43.1 Marjorie
3:20:07 "OK.  The 2nd Reading will be in April."  
43.2 Marjorie
3:20:12 "Public Comment time has been set aside now for anyone who would like to make comment on anything related to TCAPS."  
44 Bill

(3 min)
2nd talk during the "open comments" time at the end of the meeting.  I expressed my grave concerns that TCAPS SAYS that "Safety is our #1 priority at TCAPS"; however this proposed bullying bill will actually gravely endanger the students.  None of the board members would look at me when they saw my exasperation with their proposed action to add "sexual orientation" [meaning 'homosexual behavior'] to their non-discrimination code.  Just like they were ignoring me as I addressed them, so too are they ignoring the real safety of the 10,000 TCAPS students.