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Letter to TCAPS Executive Director of Human Resources, Chris Davis, regarding 1:30 p.m. HR/Policy Board Meeting time, plus "Day of Silence" national site promoting "gay" hook-up sites.


Bill Wiesner / TCFamily Founder


April 18, 2011


Dear Mrs. Davis:


Could you please address the following two questions we have concerning your scheduling of the Wed April 20th HR/Policy Committee meeting [which would add "sexual orientation" (= homosexual behavior)] to TCAPS' Non-Discrimination Policy?


  1. Why did you schedule the April 20, 2011 HR/Policy meeting for 1:30 p.m. when the 5000 TCAPS concerned parents will have a very difficult time attending the meeting during prime work day time? (Click HERE to see that for the last five and one half years, not one other meeting was scheduled earlier than 4:15; and for the last 4 years, the meetings were all scheduled for 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., with one 5:00 p.m. exception.

  2. Could you, in all fairness, reschedule that meeting for 5:30 or 6:00 p.m., preferably for next week since many parents have already been notified about the 1:30 time, and would have to be re-notified with the corrected time if you changed it to a fair and convenient time for the 5000 TCAPS parents?

And when you do have the HR/Policy meeting, please don't continue to duck these CDC & Oxford College safety concerns of the 5000 TCAPS parents:

Those of us who spoke at the April 11th Regular Board meeting and expressed our grave concerns about adding "sexual orientation" (homosexual behavior) to TCAPS policy were happy to be able to shake the hand of the policeman that TCAPS invited to the meeting.  If a policeman comes to future TCAPS board meetings, we should ask him/her to ask the TCAPS board why they continue to duck discussing the grave health concerns related to homosexual behavior, especially since Dr. Mohr has stated that safety of the students is the #1 concern at TCAPS.


The Day of Silence (DOS) is still a grave concern of ours.  I thank the four TCAPS Middle and Secondary School Principals for responding about the Day of Silence at their schools when they said: "I have not been asked by students nor teachers if they can remain silent in the classroom."  However, when I spoke with TC West High School Principal Joe Tibaldi last year, he said that students did ask him last year and for a couple of years earlier if they could remain silent in class, and he said "yes", as long as it was not disruptive.  Also, Paul Nepote called Principal Tibaldi, who told him that TCAPS does allow the demonstration [DOS] as long as it does not disrupt normal school activity.


Our concern over the DOS is not unfounded, considering this link from Mass Resistance, who said that "GLSEN's Facebook page recently published links to explicit sites for "gay" hook-ups for kids. The page disappeared shortly after pro-family groups publicized it", but they saved the page, and you can see it here:

http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/11b/day_of_silence/coming_up.html  And you can link to a PDF file of the "hook-up" page just below the 2nd picture.  Also, local self-identified "gay" activist M'lynn Hartwell was linked to this page also from her "Traverse City Gay-Straight Alliance" page, inviting any TCAPS students who might be visiting her site to have access to this DOS hook-up site.

And what's the simple solution that we could all be happy with?  Simply stop all bullying of all students at all times, just like the co-founder of the largest anti-bullying organization in the United States recommends (BullyPolice.org).  That would involve no risks, and promote the safety of all TCAPS students.

Thank you for your attention to our two questions listed above.

Best regards,

Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org  Founder