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Wednesday’s [04-20-11] HR/Policy Committee Meeting Report

regarding adding ‘sexual orientation’ to TCAPS’ Policy


Everyone speaking, and everyone present, including the police officer who was on duty to protect us from a less than rational school board, were in complete agreement, that the purposed bullying language did not provide protection for all at risk students and actually would leave our school system open to a rash of law suits.  Opposed were caring parents, outstanding businessmen, a well respected media personality, also a noted law school professor, and a very well spoken and educated local Pastor.  There was not one member of the public who attended the meeting in support of the school boards divisive proposal to introduce sexual orientation language, and create a special protected class of student within TCAPS bullying policy.


On a personal note, I could not believe, that the five so called academics including the Superintendent of schools could listen to the educated, passionate comments and suggestions of those people who have allowed these narrow minded progressives to make policy for our children’s future.  I can tell you with full confidence that I am being completely truthful, that not one of the TCAPS staffers present, were listening to anything presented to them in the course of this meeting.  I can assure you; these single minded TCAPS staffers will pass this politically correct agenda item next Monday evening, while thumbing their noses at every parent, student, and tax payer in the Grand Traverse Area.


Paul James Nepote

Traverse City, MI