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TCAPS answers the 'Day of Silence' questions from TCFamily

(1) TCAPS answers our request about the Day of Silence; (2) TCFamily's recommendation regarding removing your children from school on Friday April 15, 2011, the DOS; (3) Is California pro-'gay' bill coming to TCAPS?; (4) Action requests to 10000 TCAPS parents; click here for details. (see below)

  1. TCAPS answers our request about the Day of Silence:

You can read the response here from the four TCAPS principals regarding their participation in the Day of Silence (DOS) here

  1. TCFamily's recommendation regarding removing your children from school on Friday April 15, 2011, the DOS:  since TCAPS was not approached directly this year by anyone asking to be able to remain silent in class time, we do not recommend that anyone pull their students out of class on Friday, April 15th, on the Day of Silence (I incorrectly stated the date was Friday April 3, which was my mistake that TCAPS correctly noted.)

When I called all four principals yesterday, no one answered, so I just read them the 3 questions, and asked them to call me back (which they did not do; instead they sent the email above.)

However, when Paul Nepote relates below his conversation with Principal Joe Tebaldi from TCWest when he called him yesterday regarding the DOS:

"I was in contact with the principle of TC West High School.  I asked him if his school would be allowing homosexual students and those students who support homosexuality to participate in the Homosexual Day of Silence this Friday.  He said that TCAPS does allow the demonstration as long as it does not disrupt normal school activity."

This agrees with my own (Bill Wiesner) conversation last year before the DOS with Mr. Tebaldi, when he told me that students had come up to him that year, and for several years before and asked him if he would allow students to remain silent, and he said "yes".

So what might happen if TCAPS adds "sexual orientation" to the non-discrimination policy as planned on April 25th?  Read point #3 below to find out.

  1. Is California pro-'gay' bill coming to TCAPS?  Click here to (be shocked) and find out, and you decide.

(4) Action requests to 10000 TCAPS parents:

We see it as only a matter of time before "the California pro-'gay' bill in coming to TCAPS.  Therefore it is vital that we fight to stop the TCAPS Board from adding "sexual orientation" to its non-discrimination policy. 

We recommend that all 5000 concerned TCAPS parents call/email/write especially the 7 School Board members, and tell them simply to stop all bullying at all times period, WITHOUT adding "sexual orientation", which is simply a way to promote dangerous homosexual behavior among the 10000 TCAPS students.

And encourage ALL concerned parents to attend the TCAPS "Policy" Board meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, at 1:30 p.m. at the TCAPS Administration building located across the street from City Hall.  This is like the "Primary" of an election cycle, where we can ask them why we should not be concerned about the extreme health risks of promoting homosexual behavior -- they have not discussed this once in public.