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Letter to TCAPS requesting permission to videotape

the upcoming Wed April 20th Board Policy Meeting



Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org Founder

Traverse City, MI 49684


April 15, 2011


Chris Davis / Executive Director Human Resources at TCAPS

Traverse City Area Public Schools

Traverse City, MI


Dear Mrs. Davis:


We would like to set up a high definition digital camera on a tripod at the TCAPS Board Policy meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday, April 20, 2011.  Our purpose is to tape record the conversations between the board members, and the three minutes each of allowed public comment of the many individuals who are concerned about your plan to add “sexual orientation” to TCAPS Non-Discrimination Code.”


We have been puzzled and concerned that the Board did not discuss the grave health concerns of adding “sexual orientation” (homosexual behavior) to the Non-Discrimination Policy, during their 24 minutes of discussion at the March 14, 2011 Board Meeting.


Surely you must plan to discuss these deadly health risks that many of the 5000 parents of the 10000 TCAPS are gravely concerned about.  We want to be there to videotape how you reassure these concerned TCAPS parents that they have nothing to worry about, even though according to the CDC and an Oxford study: homosexual males are 44 times more likely to get HIV than heterosexual males; and a homosexuals’ lifespan is shortened by an average of 8 to 20 years.


Please let us know if we will be permitted to videotape the meeting, plus how early we should arrive to set up the camera on a tripod in a convenient but out of the way location.


Also, while I was reviewing your December 1, 2010 Policy Meeting Minutes, I noticed that you discussed adding “sexual orientation” into TCAPS policy; however, I did not notice this on the December 1, 2010 agenda for this meeting.  Are you allowed to discuss topics that are not on your agenda?


Also, I copied the following notes from that December 1, 2010 Board Policy Meeting:


Minutes – Board Human Resources/

Policy Committee

Wednesday - December 1, 2010


Nondiscrimination Policy Language

Chris David reported she sent an inquiry via a list-serve to about 400 organizations whether or not they have a nondiscrimination policy that includes non-required groups. She will keep the Committee apprised of what she learns from the list-serve responses. Gary Appel reported he did research online on the subject and found a few districts that have non-required groups in their policy. No larger cities' districts were found in his search. In two of the instances he found students brought the issue to the board of education. In Celine, Michigan the board of education voted against (by one vote) adding non-required groups to the policy. They are being asked to reconsider.


If as these notes say that very few districts have added “sexual orientation” (homosexual behavior), then why are you potentially endangering the 10000 TCAPS students with the addition of this untested policy?


We are awaiting your response.  The policy meeting is only 5 days off.


Thank you for your time.




Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org Founder



Steve Cousins / TCAPS Superintendent

Marjie Rich / Board President & Policy Board Member

Gary Appel / Chair of HR Policy Board

Kelly Hall / Policy Board Member