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TCAPS & Friends Promoting Homosexuality

Example 01 – (46 slides)



 [TCAPS = Traverse City Area Public Schools]



Traverse City - Northwest Michigan Documents showing the promotion of homosexuality in our local community.)

(Many of these are included in the local information at the end of our Scott Lively Show #4 Show)



Here’s a general outline of the slides shown below, which were used in the SHOW #4 movie, as described by Bill Wiesner / TCFamily.org Founder:




LOCAL NORTHWEST MICHIGAN SPEAKER BILL WIESNER(www.TCFamily.org) shares the last 20 minutes


I.  6 minute audio tape of SEEDS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT MANAGER BILL WATSON kicking TCFamily Founder Bill Wiesner out of their Public Anti-Bullying workshop. 

II.  The EXTREME HEALTH RISKS and financial costs of homosexual behavior.

III.  How SEEDS and THIRD LEVEL CRISIS INTERVENTION CENTER and the new TCAPS OLWEUS BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM” all combine topromote homosexuality to the vulnerable TCAPS students;

IV.  ADDITIONAL SLIDES (showing the promotion of Homosexuality in our TCAPS community) NOT SHOWN ON SCOTT LIVELY SHOW #4.

V.  How we should go on “offense” by modeling after the Detroit Lions’ “MATTHEW STAFFORD QUARTERBACK SNEAK”, and






Table of Contents:

Slide #



2nd Annual Traverse City Anti-Bullying Week Events (from 2013)

(The 3rd Annual event in 2014 has the same speakers coming back, and all but one have been identified as being for promoting homosexuality. The stated goal of this 3rd event is to teach the 500 or so equally divided bussed-in students (bussed in from the surrounding 5-county area) and adults on How to Be an Upstander and How to Start a Campaign.)


SEEDS Youth Worker and Third Level Crisis Center Youth Worker show “Bully 2012” (described by MovieGuide.org as “promoting politically correct sodomy”) to Middle & High School students


The word “Homophobia” was intentionally designed by homosexual activists to “ridicule our enemies”


Extreme health risks and costs to homosexuals and society from homosexual behavior.


Third Level Crisis Center and Windfire promote homosexual behavior to area youth.

16, 17

TCAPS School Board and Administration strongly support Third Level’s activities.


TCAPS new “Olweus Anti-Bullying Program” promotes homosexual behavior.

19, 20

www.TraverseCityFamily.org (or www.TCFamily.org ) distributes this Parents and Friends of ‘Gays’ and Ex-‘Gays’(PFOX) brochure entitledPreventing Bullying At Your School” which discourages ALL Bullying.


So-called “equality” groups that promote behavior that causes an extremely unequally high proportion of AIDS and syphilis cases.  We wonder if they will take equal responsibility (along with TCAPS and other area homosexuality-promoting groups) to take up a collection or add additional mils to pay the medical costs (about $500,000 per AIDS person per lifetime – see slides #6-9 above.)


Alfred Kinsey’s corrupt data is the foundation of the homosexual movement (read 44 quotes how Alfred Kinsey continues to sexually sabotage our children today.)

23, 24

40-90% of homosexuals were sexually abused in their lives.


Homosexual Activists in 1970 – 1973 Intimidating the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is what bullied them to remove homosexual behavior from their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).  This false foundation -- birthed out of intimidation and bullying – is now ironically being used in part to promote homosexuality via TCAPS Olweus Anti-bullying program to Kindergarteners – 12th graders across Northwest Michigan. (See slide #18)


Five reasons chart: Why we don’t allow discrimination based on race.  NONE of these five reasons apply to the choice to engage in homosexual conduct.


Kevin Jennings: Founder of GLSEN Gay-Straight School Alliances develops a plan that actually gravely endangers children while making many think that he is making “safe schools” now through over 4000 Gay-Straight Alliances in America.


Building Bridges through Music (strongly endorsed by TCAPS), Traverse City Human Rights Commission (HRC), and Third Level Crisis Center promote homosexual behavior to children and endorse Lady Gaga’s effort to promote homosexual behavior.


TCAPS (via Building Bridges with Music) endorses Bisexual Lady Gaga, who doesn’t want to just stop bullying; rather, she wants to build a grass-roots effort to promote homosexuality (she says I was born that way over 25 times in her song entitled “Born that Way.”)


Traverse City Area Public School (TCAPS) School Board members express the strong desire to make the “Guidelines” [which added “Sexual Orientation” to its non-discrimination policy, i.e. promotion of homosexual behavior to the staff and students] “more rigorous” to “every staff member” and to tie TCAPS’ Staff evaluations as to how well they OUTWARDLY – NOT TACIDLY – endorse this policy (along with it’s strong promotion of homosexual behavior).  (See the results of this homosexualist school board unanimous vote to add “sexual orientation” (i.e. high-risk homosexual behavior) in slides 42&43:  “contains the entire tree of the Homosexual Agenda with all of its poisonous fruit;” slide 40: is part of the “blueprint of the homosexualist ‘revolution’ necessary to topple the traditional family;”  and slide 41: “How the ‘Gay Rights’ movement has become a Trojan Horse for Totalitarianism (witness these two school board members slides 38 & 39.)


How the TCAPS School Board [and its new Olweus Anti-Bullying Program] is in effect working together with other homosexualists across the globe to topple the traditional Traverse City family.


How the ‘Gay Rights’ Movement has become a Trojan Horse for Totalitarianism.

42, 43

Dr. Scott Lively: TCAPS’ poisonous fruit.


The First Amendment Supremacy Clause


Matthew Stafford Quarterback Sneak.


Linda Harvey: You stand up for your boys … and girls; you don’t do this!

END is:







6 minute audio tape of SEEDS YOUTH DEVELOPMENT MANAGER BILL WATSON kicking TCFamily Founder Bill Wiesner out of their Public Anti-Bullying workshop. 




Even though the general public was invited to the SEEDS event:







Below is a picture showing Bill Watson (SEEDS Area Youth Development Program Manager), who kicked me out of the meeting as soon as I told him that I was concerned about the promotion of homosexuality to local school children.


One of the reasons Mr. Watson gave for asking me to leave was because he said that I was not properly “vetted”, which made me wonder how ANY of the general public who were invited to this event would have been “vetted” beforehand.


I in turn am very concerned that many local area parents would have STRONGLY objected tothe SEEDS Movie below (marred by Politically Correct Sodomy) that was shown to Suttons Bay Middle and High School students. 


Note that Bob Fernandez, who led the discussion time (with Bill Watson) after viewing the“Bully 2012” video, works for “Third Level Crisis Intervention Center”, and also works closely with numerous Northwest Michigan area schools.  So Third Level is working together with SEEDS to show this video.








Mr. Watson also used the term homophobic numerous times to describe me in our 6 minute conversation as he was kicking me out (which you can watch during the last 20 minutes of the Scott Lively SHOW #4)


It’s ironic that Mr. Watson was leading this class during “Antibullying Week”, yet he himself used the term “homophobic” numerous times to describe me, even though the very term was promoted by Harvard graduate homosexual marketing experts Kirk and Madsen in their book “After the Ball”  designed to “intentionally … ridicule our enemies.”






The EXTREME HEALTH RISKS and financial costs of homosexual behavior.




·        The Health Risks are tremendous.  In 2011, the 2.5 or so percent of Male Homosexuals in the 13 – 24 year old age group produced 95% of the new HIV Infections.

·         Michigan had 275 new HIV cases in 2011.  Based on population only, 7 of those cases should have been from homosexuals; but instead it was 262

·        Based on population alone, the Traverse City Metropolitan Area (143,000 people)should have had 4 of these new HIV cases in 2011 -- 4 new cases per year.

·        The Cost of treating HIV-AIDS over a lifetime is over $500,000 for each person infected.

·        We wonder if those promoting this behavior in our community, like TCAPS, SEEDS, Third Level, Building Bridges with Music, the Traverse City Commission, and TCEqulity will start fund raisers to share EQUALLY the RESPONSIBILITY of paying this new 2 million dollar annual cost in our community.









How SEEDS and THIRD LEVEL CRISIS INTERVENTION CENTER and the newTCAPS “OLWEUS BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM” all combine to promote homosexuality to the vulnerable TCAPS students;



·        We saw in Part I. above examples of SEEDS promoting homosexuality.

·        Note how Third Level Crisis Intervention offers “confidentiality” (when talking to our 13 and 15 year old children about the topic of homosexuality.)



·        Note also the 3 slides of Third Level’s Windfire youth homosexual group, and how they want to “increase visibility and availability of the adult LGBTQ community to youth” – our 13 and 15 year old children.





·        Note also a slide of  Third Level’s “Street Outreach” program where 15 year olds “go to where youth congregate” to counsel 13 year olds. (And possibly invite them to theWindfire (Homosexual Youth) Group for those questioning their sexual orientation?) 



·        See 3 slides of how Third Level’s Joli LaRoche addresses the TCAPS School Board, offering Third Level's services to help with the TCAPS Anti-Bullying efforts.

·        And showing how then TCAPS Board President Marjorie Rich appreciated Joli LaRoche’s “offer to help craft some of the response that we might have.”





Note the following concerning the new TCAPS “Olweus Bullying Prevention Program”article below:

·        The Record Eagle article below (column 1 and top of column 2) is described as a “holistic approach,” involving students, teachers [and all school staff], and community members.  It appears that they want to train virtually everybody connected to TCAPS to agree with this information.

·        Note the excerpts from the actual Olweus Bullying Prevention Program website(bottom of column 2 and column 3), with the heavy promotion of homosexual behavior, and stating that 5 to 9 percent of [TCAPS] youth are LGBT or uncertain, and that if they are “gay”, they cannot change.



We at TCFamily.org agree with should stop all bullying; yet risky and immoral homosexual behavior should not be promoted to our children; instead, it should be discouraged to all TCAPS children Kindergarten – 12th grade.

Therefore TCFamily hands out the PFOX “Preventing Bullying At Your School” handout to help stop bullying without promoting homosexual behavior.






ADDITIONAL REVEALING SLIDES showing the promotion of Homosexuality in our TCAPS community (that were not shown in our Scott Lively Show #4):

·        The 1st slide below shows the local TCEquality webpage banner.  We wonder if  the homosexualists at TCEquality are also for equality of responsibility, and are willing towork locally with SEEDS and TCAPS and Third Level Crisis Intervention Center to help raise the 2 million dollars EACH YEAR to treat the local new local AIDS cases for the 13 – 24 year olds to whom they are promoting homosexual behavior.

·        The 2nd slide below shows the faulty foundational evidence of ALFRED KINSEY, known as the Father of the (HOMO)Sexual Revolution.  (Is this the quality of Scientific Investigation that TCAPS wants to be known for?)





·        Arthur Goldberg (from our Weeks 5 and 10 Truth Academy about Homosexuality Shows) shares how 40 – 90 percent of homosexuals have tragically been sexually molested as children.  This is where we ALL should show GREAT COMPASSION, yet without condoning the harmful homosexual behavior.  We share the TRUTH in LOVE.

·        Seeing these statistics, it is simply COMMON SENSE to realize that for most homosexuals, their childhood sexual abuse is what led them down the path to homosexual behavior.  They were NOT born that way.




·        And seeing the homosexualists’ INTIMIDATION of the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1970 – 1973 shows that the reason that the APA removed them from their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was NOT because of Science; rather, it was due to the Homosexualists’ intimidation (See the next 3 slides)  Again, is this the kind of “Science” that TCAPS wants to identify with?





·        And the homosexualists always compare themselves to the African Americansstruggle for their God-given rights.  The following slide shows Why we DO NOT allow discrimination based on race. 

·        (We should however discourage homosexual BEHAVIOR, since it is harmful to the TCAPS Kindergarteners – 12th graders.)



  • Kevin Jennings is the Founder of GLSEN and the Gay-Straight Alliances, which we have two of these homosexual clubs here at both Traverse City Central and West High Schools.
  • Does his description of “seizing upon the opponent’s calling card – safety” make you believe that his concern is really for the safety of the TCAPS students’, or is it rather about promoting a political agenda?



·        And then there’s TCAPS strong endorsement of the Jeff Haas led “Building Bridges with Music” program. 

·        Note the following article about the Building Bridges program that is laced with key words used when promoting homosexual behavior.

·        And note the Building Bridges Facebook article that sends the TCAPS Kindergarteners – 12th graders to a Lady Gaga (a self-identified bisexual) interview.




·        Note above how Marshall Persky “liked” Jeff Haas’s Facebook linking to the Lady Gaga interview about Bullying, where she feared that viewers would think her efforts were only about bullying, when she really wants her efforts to be about changing the culture [on encouraging a broader acceptance of homosexual behavior.]

·        Marshal Persky promoted homosexual behavior: (1) As past President of the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, when they voted to recommend that the City of Traverse City to pass SORs (Sexual Orientation Regulations);  (2) Agreeing with Mr. Haas by “Liking” Lady Gaga’s efforts to promote homosexuality on the Building Bridges with Music Facebook site; and now (3) Current President of the Board of Third Level Crisis Intervention Center (see their heavy promotion of homosexual behavior above.)




·        Below are slide of Lady Gaga’s bullying interview, which was promoted on the Building Bridges Facebook site.

·        Note also her “Born that Way” song, where she mentions the phrase “Born that Way” about30 times.






·        Note how the following current TCAPS School Board members want to further promote the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs):

·        Gary Appel: Wants to make the SORs more rigorous and promote them to every staff member and parent as the highest priority.

·        Kelly Hall:  Wants to tie teacher evaluation with how well they accept the SORs.




·        The Revolution of the family” slide shows the goal of the ‘gay’ activists since 1971 wasnot just for “tolerance”; but rather it was to “topple the traditional family” – more on this on future shows.

·        “The New Sexual Revolution” slide shows “How the ‘Gay rights’ movement has become a TROJAN HORSE for TOTALITARIANISM – more on this on future shows.




·        The Sexual Orientation Regulation (SOR) that TCAPS recently voted into school policy is what Dr. Scott Lively described as “The SEED that contains the ENTIRE TREE of the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA with all of its POISONOUS FRUIT

·        Therefore we will be promoting “The First Amendment Supremacy Clause” wherever our free speech – used to defend our children – might be threatened by TCAPS or any other local entity in any way.






How we should go on “offense” by modeling after the Detroit Lions’ “MATTHEW STAFFORD QUARTERBACK SNEAK


·        Matthew Stafford (our Detroit Lions quarterback) had a game winning surpriseQuarterback Sneak in 2013.  He went on offense when everyone expected him to spike the ball in a temporary defensive move.

·        We do likewise, but we don’t call it a “sneak.”  Instead, we call it the “Mama Bear Growl”to stand up and defend her children; and we call it Dads and Daddies and Fathers simply standing up at every opportunity to protect their children.

·        Dr. Lively rightly shared that we will always lose ground when we stay on defense, sincepoliticians always try to make everyone happy and they compromise, and the side on defense typically loses ground.  We need to winsomely be on offense, always sharing the truth in love.

·        And always remember Linda Harvey’s reminder to protect your boys and your girls.







  • As you can see above, TCAPS is contacting every student, school staff and parent promoting their new OLWEUS BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM (which promotes homosexual behavior and misinformation.)
  • Therefore should we do anything less than share the truth in love with all these same people?  Find out which of your children’s teachers might be condoning homosexual behavior. 
  • Point them to THIS document to show what’s going on at TCAPS.
  • We have shown the faulty foundation of this homosexual movement; we have also shown the tremendously dangerous health risks to the students. 
  • With all of this in mind, the most loving thing possible that we can do is to winsomely discourage this harmful homosexual behavior to every TCAPS Kindergartener – 12th grader.




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