TCFamily Street Photos 01:

Sharing the Truth in Love about homosexuality

on the streets throughout Northwest Michigan.



Central United Methodist Church


Most recently, on Sunday evening Dec 7, 2014 at Central United Methodist Church (CUMC) in Traverse City 2 hours before CUMC hosted one of the five statewide meetings (Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Oakland County, Traverse City, and Wayne County) to promote the addition of “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (the “Bathroom Bill”) to Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Act. 


We handed out the 3B & 3C Elliot Larsen info sheets (from Rep. Foster Letter) to all who would take them as they left the packed church after the Community wide Messiah Sing (4-6p.m.), and the Senior High Youth Group (started at 6:30pm) and the Freedom Michigan bathroom bill proponents (from 7-8pm).


(See the Associate Pastor from CUMC leading a march for “gay marriage” in downtown Traverse City this past summer in the “Read 29 Bells…” link in my letter to Rep Frank Foster.)



Labor Day Mackinaw Bridge Walk


The Mackinaw Bridge Labor Day Walk – the picture on the right (from Labor Day 2014) is of some of the 40,000 plus walkers who walked right by our “Jesus said (John 8:32) The truth will set you free” Truth Academy about Homosexuality sign (see them all looking at the sign off to their left side as they all walked off of the Mackinaw Bridge.)  We handed out over 2,500 of “NOT ‘Just Another Sin’” brochures.



Cadillac Pride “Gay” & Lesbian Picnic in the Park


A local Cadillac man and his wife and I shared the truth in love with the “Cadillac Pride “Gay” and Lesbian Picnic in the Park in Cadillac, MI (40 miles SE of Traverse City) on Sunday August 17th, 2014.  We engaged about half of their entire group in conversation on the edge of a public street going through the park) as they very peacefully blocked the view of the message on the other side of our sign from the speaker’s platform (it’s the same message on both sides).  Both sides showed true tolerance (strong disagreement but civil speech back and forth) as we shared the truth in love and gave out the “NOT ‘Just Anther Sin’” brochure. 


One of the main organizers of the Picnic was homosexual Greg Baird, a “Greater Chicago Area - ‎National Lecturer on LGBT issues, Diversity, Acceptance, Community, Bullying and Hate Crimes to Colleges & Universities.”   He spoke from the microphone early on in the day and thanked the protestors (TCFamily) for being there because he said it encouraged more people to show up for their picnic.  Wouldn’t you think that National Lecturer Mr. Baird would have come over and engaged us in conversation to prove to all those at the picnic how superior and right his homosexualist position is for all the citizens and children of Cadillac?  He even gets paid to study and perfect the “sexual freedom” arguments.  But he would not engage in conversation with us, just like he and 7 other homosexualists promoting homosexuality to Northwest Michigan youth in various ways were not willing to debate Dr. Scott Lively when he visited Traverse City in 2013, yet I know at least some of them have spoken or written critical about him behind his back.


Given the opportunity to talk to Mr. Baird, I would have challenged him with this question:  Which of the following two mutually exclusive choices is the best path for the children of northwest Michigan (as noted by Dr. Lively)?


Dr. Lively relevant quote from his Show #7 notes:


There are “TWO FUNDAMENTAL WORLD VIEWS:  ONE THAT SAYS THAT SEX BELONGS INSIDE OF MARRIAGE; and THE OTHER ONE SAYS IT’S ABOUT SEXUAL FREEDOM.  The two cannot coexist.  Only one can prevail; the other one MUST FAIL.”  [“Sexual Freedom” = “sexual license” = “sexual anarchy”.]





National Cherry Festival in Traverse City


The National Traverse City Cherry Festival Parades (just before and afterwards) -- Handing out our “God Created the Rainbow as a symbol for a promise, not homosexuality” Rainbow Business cards.




Michael Moore Traverse City Film Festival Founder Bill Wiesner handing out Dr. Scott Lively's "FACT SHEET ON UGANDA AND HOMOSEXUALITY"  in front of Traverse City's Old Town Playhouse for the Showing of Roger Ross Williams' "God Loves Uganda" movie during the Michael Moore 2013 Traverse City Film Festival.  Each and every moviegoer was challenged to see the truthful side of this movie by reading Dr. Lively's FACT SHEET (We handed out 800 of the Fact Sheets to movie goers during the Film Festival.)  I noticed Mr. Williams watching me offer the brochures to every moviegoer just before the movie started, but when asked to respond to the handout during the Director’s talk after the movie, he said that he hadn’t had time to read it (Note: it takes less than 5 minutes to read, but it’s easier to ignore your opponents arguments if you say you have no knowledge of them.



A Traverse City Police Officer assured me that we have every right to share with individuals in public locations, like at this Central Grade School film location for Traverse City Film Festival. 


I told him that we always share in a manner that respects the dignity of all men and women, all of whom are created in the image of God (Gen 1:27) and are of extreme value.




2012 Traverse City Film Festival on Front Street.  Michael Moore promoted 1 homosexualist film in Traverse City in 2013 and 6 homosexualist films in 2014, which you can read about from the Home Page.  (We had to adjust the picture because of the low lighting situation after dark.)




School – Related Functions


The First Annual Anti-bullying Week in 2012 showed the movie “Bully 2012” 43 times.  It is described by Movie Guide Magazine as “promoting politically correct sodomy.”  We handed out the “Parents and Friends of “Gays” and Ex-“gays” (PFOX) brochure entitled “Preventing Bullying in your school.”


Cherry Knoll Elementary Principal referred to Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) anti-bullying policy when referring to a national news story that erupted when a Cherry Knoll Elementary teacher changed the word “gay” in the Christmas Carol with the line “Don we now our “gay” apparel” in an attempt to stop 1st and 2nd graders from laughing out while singing the song.  He was going to make it a “teachable moment” for both teachers and students.  This is the fruit of the seed of “Sexual Orientation Laws” (SOR’s), -- which you can remember as “festering “sores” or as a “sword” to be used against those who dare to disagree – which inevitably produce the poisonous fruit of the promotion of homosexuality to TCAPS students.  We stopped there after school during the parent-teacher conferences to inform the parents with our sign at the entrance to the school.  (See the full story near the bottom of our Home page.)



Northwestern Michigan University (NMC) Annual Barbecue.  NMC hosted the 2009 “Gay and Lesbian Forum” where they publicly brought up their plan to add SORs to City Government laws.  (The TCAPS schools followed one year later.)  I nearly got arrested by NMC Campus Security for simply handing out a Gospel tract at the entrance to the “Gay & Lesbian so-called Forum,” which did not even mention homosexuality.


I now commend NMC for making NMC an “open campus” to those who want to hand out literature.


TCFamily has used this opportunity twice now to hand out literature both at the Dennos Museum during the 2014 Traverse City Film Festival, and outside the NMC Great Lakes Campus Building for the 3rd Annual Anti-Bullying Week Friday closing session.  TCFamily will always do so in a respectful manner.


With our street sign in front of the 1st Annual Anti-Bullying All-Day Conference in 2012.  For the last 3 years these conferences have promoted homosexuality to hundreds of the regions middle school and high school students.  These students are encouraged to teach what they learn when they get back to their schools in the 8 or so surrounding counties.




At nine Traverse City Central, West, and St. Francis Home Football games in about 2010.