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Watch the NW Michigan "Truth Academy about Homosexuality" NOW here.

NEW: National and Local Show Descriptions: read short descriptions of the Shows, INCLUDING LOCAL Northwest Michigan Content. Most local content is in the last 10 minutes or so of the Shows.

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Read details on the Truth Academy about Homosexuality below:

The Northwest Michigan Truth Academy about homosexuality is sponsored locally from Traverse City, MI, by TCFamily.  It is a 20 week series of DVDs to be shown beginning on Monday, July 11 on our local www.upnorthmedia.org public access TV, with the permission of Americans for Truth about homosexuality, a pro-family organization in Chicago, who sponsored the first national Truth Academy in Chicago in August of 2010.

That Chicago Truth Academy had ten nationally known speakers give 21 messages plus 2 panel discussions.  TCFamily has been given permission by Americans for Truth to take major parts of their hour long conference talks and play them locally on Charter channel 97.

We will then add 10 - 15 minutes of quotes from local and national leaders, along with TCFamily commentary of local northwest Michigan "gay" activism at the end of the DVDs.  We plan to produce about twenty, hour-long TV programs to be shown on Up North Media using this same format. The combined national-local programs are being produced by Up North Media Producer and TCFamily Founder Bill Wiesner.

Our goal in this "Northwest Michigan Truth Academy" is to  clearly show how the national and local "gay" activism is endangering our community, especially the most vulnerable children, from Kindergarten - 12th grade, in the local public schools.

Our local Truth Academy will be aired live 3 times per week (starting on July 11, 2011) on Charter local access TV Channel 97, to the 10 counties of Northwest Michigan from Cheboygan to Manistee, on:

Mondays: 6-7 p.m..

Thursdays: 8-9 p.m.

Fridays: 8-9 p.m.

 Week 1: From Gay Pride to Gay Tyranny" -- click this link and you can watch our first Northwest Michigan Truth Academy Program online NOW (with the permission of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, who produced the major part of our programs.)

Week One of the Twenty-week series starts on Monday July 11, 2011:

The one hour program will include:

  1. Intro by Americans for Truth President Peter LaBarbara: From Gay Pride to Gay Tyranny:
  2. Closing Remarks, by Peter LaBarbara
  3. TCFamily comments on local area homosexual activism.

Weeks Two through Twenty will again take major parts of the national Truth Academy talks from the Chicago 2010 conference, and add many local concerns with our Traverse City Commission and our Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) both recently adding "sexual orientation" as group needing special protections.

I attended the 2011 Truth Academy on April 1st & 2nd in Columbus Ohio.  I had to forego the pay for taking two days off work, spend $75 to register for the conference, pay $160 for gas, and more for overnight housing and meals; but the expense was well worth it to me. 

But, all the citizens of northwest Michigan, through the kindness of Americans for Truth allowing us to show parts of their DVDs, can now "attend" the larger three day 2010 Chicago "Truth Academy" for free from the comfort of their living room for the next 20 weeks.  By watching these DVDs, you will understand the Truth about how dangerous a predicament we will be in if we continue to allow the local "gay" activists to push their agenda on our community.  And those that will be most harmed are the most vulnerable among us -- the Kindergarteners.

A "homosexualist" is defined as: "to refer to any person, homosexual or not, who actively promotes homosexuality as morally and socially equivalent to heterosexuality as a basis for social policy".  (http://g-klimov.info/biblio/Pink-swastika/00.htm )  Since the defining characteristic of a homosexual is his/her behavior, then a homosexualist promotes homosexual behavior.   A homosexualist does not have to be a homosexual, and not all homosexuals are homosexualists.  But just like a "socialist" believes in and promotes socialism, and a communist believes in and promotes communism, so too a homosexualist believes in and promotes dangerous homosexual behavior. 

And now with our local TCAPS public schools adding "sexual orientation" as a protected policy class, we have this situation: adult homosexualists using the threat of school policies to promote dangerous homosexual behavior to the most vulnerable among us -- the innocent and trusting Kindergarteners, on up through the 12 graders, whom they are brainwashing and indoctrinating into believing that practicing behavior that is known to be harmful should for some politically correct reason be celebrated.

If you are concerned about the promotion and celebration of dangerous homosexual behavior in our community, then I urge you to call, write, email, twitter, facebook, webpage, etc., everyone you know, and urge them to watch this 20 week series of programs, which will show the Truth about what the homosexualists have in mind for our community, and what we can do to protect our children and community from their dangerous agenda.

Bill Wiesner / www.TCFamily.org  Founder


PS ... 

Pasted below you can see an advertisement from 1 year ago for the First Annual National Truth Academy that was held in Chicago in 2010.  It lists the 10 speakers, and their 21 talks and two panel discussions.  (By the way, if you'd like, you can obtain the complete and unedited version of the Chicago Truth Academy from Americans for Truth at this link: http://americansfortruth.org/news/aftah-launches-truth-academy-to-train-youth-on-how-to-fight-gay-agenda.html)

At least 75% of our Northwest Michigan Truth Academy DVDs will be taken from the Chicago 2010 Truth Academy.

That's why I have pasted this extensive list  from Americans for Truth website, in case you want to see the high caliber and qualifications of the speakers and their excellent talks.  Again, you will be able to "attend" this one-of-a-kind conference from the comfort of your living room.  And you will much better understand the danger of this homosexual agenda, and how it can harm your children and grandchildren. Please contact your Pastors, and ask if they would inform their congregations of this wonderful opportunity of attending a one-of-a-kind conference from their living room.  The Truth you learn will give you confidence to stand up to defend our children and grandchildren, and push back against the homosexualists who threaten our children.

I have pasted part of this article http://americansfortruth.com/2010/06/09/aftah-launches-truth-academy-to-train-youth-on-how-to-fight-gay-agenda/  below:

List of Chicago 2010 Truth Academy talks pasted below:


Truth Academy: Chicago 2010 Instructors:

Robert Knight, Coral Ridge Ministries

Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

Ryan Sorba, Young Conservatives of California

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media

Prof. Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty University Law School

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel

Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

Greg Quinlan, Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays

Prof. Rob Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; see www.RobGagnon.net

Arthur Goldberg, JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality)

For more information about ordering Truth Academy DVDs or audio CDs, – or to inquire about holding a Truth Academy in your area – send an e-mail to americansfortruth@gmail.com. Or call AFTAH at 630-717-7631.


AFTAH Truth Academy: Chicago 2010

Full Speakers Schedule:


All presentations are 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q & A.  There will be a panel discussion and Q & A on Thursday and Friday, and a special evening presentation each of those evenings.

8-9:30 – Light breakfast pastries;  Registration

9:30 – 9:35 – Opening Prayer, Calvin Lindstrom, Pastor, Church of Christian Liberty; Christian Liberty Academy

9:35 – 10:00 – Welcoming Remarks, Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality:

“From gay pride to gay tyranny”

10:10 – 11:10 – Prof. Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty University School of Law:

“History of modern ‘gay’ activism and the courts”

11:20-12:20 – Cliff Kincaid, America’s Survival; Accuracy in Media:

“No criticism of homosexuality allowed: combating pro-homosexual media bias”

12:20-1:20 – Lunch Break; light lunch provided

1:20-2:20 – Ryan Sorba, Young Conservatives of California:

“The ‘born gay hoax”

2:30 – 3:30 – Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute:

“Using reason and logic in answering pro-homosexuality arguments”

3:40-4:40 – Arthur Goldberg, JONAH (Jews Offering Healthy Alternatives to Homosexuality), author, Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change:

“Can gays change? Is gay parenting good for kids? Presenting the research on homosexuality”

4:50-6:00 – PANEL DISCUSSION and Q & A:

Theme:  “Can the effort to ‘mainstream’ homosexuality in American culture be stopped?”

Panelists:  Rena Lindevaldsen, Matt Barber, Laurie Higgins, Ryan Sorba, Arthur Goldberg, and Greg Quinlan, Cliff Kincaid; Moderator: Peter LaBarbera

Special Thursday evening presentation (Q & A will follow talk):

7:45 – 9:15 – Greg Quinlan, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX); Pro-Family Network:

“An Ex-Gay Christian Discusses Love, Truth and Homosexuality”



8:00-9:00 – Light breakfast pastries; Registration

9:00 – 10:00 – Cliff Kincaid, America’s Survival, Accuracy in Media:

“The battle over blood: ‘gay’ health risks and public policy”

10:10 – 11:10 – Prof. Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty University School of Law:

“The zero-sum game: homosexuality-based ‘rights’ vs. religious and First Amendment freedoms”

11:20-12:20 – Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute:

“Corrupting children, politicizing schools: the homosexual youth agenda”

12 :20-1:20 – Lunch Break; light lunch provided

1:20-2:20 – Arthur Goldberg, JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality:

“The gender confusion agenda: ‘transgender rights’”

2:30 – 3:30 – Prof. Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:

“From abomination to ‘gay’: answering ‘queer theology’ — Old Testament”

3:40-4:40 – Prof. Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty U. School of Law:

“The legal strategy to stop homosexual ‘marriage’: triumphs and pitfalls”

5:00-6:00 – PANEL DISCUSSION and Q & A:

Theme:  “Returning the debate to behavior – getting off the ‘GLBT’ playing field”

Panelists:  Rena Lindevaldsen, Matt Barber, Laurie Higgins, Ryan Sorba, Arthur Goldberg, Cliff Kincaid, Robert Knight, Robert Gagnon, Gregg Quinlan; Moderator: Peter LaBarbera

Special Friday evening keynote presentation (Q & A will follow talk):

7:35 – 7:45 – Special introduction by Sandy Rios, FOX News contributor and Chicago radio talk show host

7:45 – 9:15 – Robert Knight, Coral Ridge Ministries; author, Radical Rulers: The White House Elites Who Are Pushing America Towards Socialism:

“From destroying DOMA to homosexualizing the military: Obama’s radical homosexual/transsexual agenda for America”



8:00-9:00 – Light breakfast pastries; Registration

9:00 – 10:00 – Prof. Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:

“’But Jesus never said anything about homosexuality’”: Answering ‘Queer Theology’ — New Testament”

10:10 – 11:10 – Robert Knight, Coral Ridge Ministries:

“Destructive legacy: Alfred Kinsey and the (Homo)Sexual Revolution”

11:20-12:20 – Greg Quinlan, PFOX, Pro-Family Network:

“The big, pink plan for a lavender culture”

:20-1:20 – Lunch Break; light lunch provided

1:20-2:20 – Cliff Kincaid, America’s Survival; Accuracy in Media:

“Can you be in support homosexual activism and be conservative’? Confronting the pro-’gay’ Right”

2:30-3:40 – Prof. Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:

“Agreeing with God: a truly biblical approach toward ‘out and proud’ homosexuality”

3:50-4:50 – Ryan Sorba, Young Conservatives of California:

“Confronting the zeitgeist: new strategies to turn around younger Americans on ‘gay rights’”

5:00-6:00 – Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel, AFTAH Board Member:

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Bleed: stopping Obama’s campaign to homosexualize the U.S. military”

6:00-6:20 – Closing remarks, Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth


Prof. Rena Lindevaldsen will teach at the AFTAH Academy on the inherent battle in the law between "gay rights" and Americans' precious religious and First Amendment liberties.

Dear Readers,

We’re delighted to announce the debut of our ongoing “Americans For Truth Academy,” designed to train Americans young and old how to answer “gay” activist misinformation and fight the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda. We hope and pray that ‘Truth Academy: Chicago 2010′ will be the first of many Truth Academies held across the United States, and maybe outside the USA some day.

This debut Academy will be one of the most important pro-family conferences on homosexuality ever held in the United States.  Please consider sponsoring a student/young person (ages 14-25) to attend for $99 or attending yourself (or encouraging your pastor to attend). RSVP to: americansfortruth@gmail.com. Rarely will you get a chance to learn from such brilliant teachers on the homosexual issue all in one rigorous seminar.

To reserve a spot, go online to www.americansfortruth.com/donate (designate AFTAH Academy); to sponsor a young person ($99/student), specify “Youth Scholarship” on the online form. Or mail your check to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522. Please RSVP to americansfortruth@gmail.com.

UPDATED ADULT PRICING POLICY: Adults, full 3-day conference: $149, or $50/day; youth ages 14-25: $99 (scholarships available); married couples discount: $199.  Pay online by designating “Truth Academy” however you choose to pay (Paypal or Credit Card) at www.AmericansForTruth.com/donate. Or send your check to: Americans For Truth, P.O. Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.

This August 5-7, AFTAH will bring together some of the country’s leading pro-family experts on homosexuality to teach both young and old how to answer the lies and myths that so readily emanate from the “GLBT” (“gay”) camp. I am very excited about this new project’s potential to reverse years of pro-”gay” brainwashing in the schools and popular culture — corrupting the hearts and minds of  our young people.

Let’s face it: much of the conservative establishment has dropped the ball on fighting the homosexual agenda (or given up entirely), so AFTAH is stepping up to train a new generations of activists to contend with the sexual sin movement that has fooled so many Americans into treating a human wrong — changeable same-sex behavior — as a “civil right.” Please help us make this future-oriented event possible with your tax-deductible donation to Americans For Truth at www.americansfortruth.com/donate. God bless you. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


Free Book Offer Selections for Sponsoring AFTAH Academy Student:

  • “Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far,” by the late Dr. Charles Socarides, who fought the American Psychiatric Association’s gay-pressure-induced “normalization” of homosexuality in the early 1970s [hardcover: 312 pp]; or
  • “Out from Under: The Impact of Homosexual Parenting,” by Dawn Stefanowicz. This harrowing yet beautifully written story about Dawn’s troubled upbringing with her promiscuous “gay” dad is required reading for anyone who is tempted to embrace “gay parenting.” (Dawn has agreed to be an instructor at future AFTAH Academy seminars.) [Softcover: 245 pp.]

To order these books without donating to the AFTAH Academy, send $20 postage paid per book (specify which book you’d like to order) or $35 postage paid for both books. Order online at www.americansfortruth.com/donate, or send your check or money order to: Americans For Truth, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.  Complete this online form to apply.

Mission America and Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (www.aftah.org)



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