Darwin Details Page for Northwestern Michigan College

(NMC) book give-away

Book-Give-Away -- Charles Darwin "Origin of Species" (approximately 700 books) to be given away at Northwestern Michigan College to NMC students on or about November 19th, which is two days before the 150th Anniversary of "Origin of Species".  A special 50-page introduction written by Ray Comfort -- which presents the opposing and correct view of Intelligent Design, and presents a very clear Gospel message -- is included in the 304 unabridged edition of Origin of Species.

Click here to read a synopsis of the Darwin Book give-away by Kirk Cameron.

Click here to read the entire 50-page Ray Comfort introduction to "Origen of Species".

Go to http://www.livingwaters.com/ to find all resources on the Darwin "Origin of Species" book give-away, including a "Press Kit" and numerous short videos.

Click here to see what some Atheists are saying about the book give-away.

Click here to see: "Two New Polls Show Americans Want Alternatives Taught"


This book-give away is sponsored locally by various Traverse City area concerned individuals and churches, including Pastor Bill Smith from Zion Baptist Church, and Bill Wiesner, www.TCFamily.org webmaster.

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