Kirk Cameron’s video introduction

to the Nov 19th Charles Darwin “Origin of Species” book give-away

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[Listen to UC Berkley’s Policy right here in Southern California, their own website says:

Ø      “Anyone is free to distribute non-commercial materials in any outdoor area of the campus.”]


Are you concerned about what’s happening in our country?  One by one, we’re being stripped of our God-given liberties.


Our kids can no longer pray in public; they can no longer freely open a Bible in school; the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed in public places; and the Gideons are not even allowed to give away Bibles in schools.


Did you know that a recent study revealed that in the top fifty universities in our country – in the fields of psychology and biology – 61% of professors described themselves as either atheists or agnostics?  No wonder atheism has doubled in the last twenty years among 19 – 25 year-olds.


An entire generation is being brain-washed by atheistic evolution without even hearing the alternative – and it’s radically changing the culture of our nation.  There’s only one way to change the heart of a nation, and that is to change the sinful heart of the individual – and that’s through the power of the Gospel.  Only God can take the sinful heart of a man or a woman and cause them to love that which is right and just and good.


Now when my friend Ray Comfort heard about this, and that the book was public domain, he actually wrote a 50-page introduction for the book, which gives:


  1. The History of Evolution
  2. The Timeline of Darwin’s life
  3. Adolf Hitler’s undeniable connection with the theory
  4. Darwin’s Racism
  5. Darwin’s disdain for women
  6. And Darwin’s thoughts on the existence of God
  7. It lists the theory’s many hoaxes
  8. It exposes the unscientific belief that nothing created everything.
  9. It points to the incredible structure of DNA
  10. The absence of any species-to-species transitional forms actually found in the fossil record.
  11. It then presents a balanced view of creationism with information from scientists who actually believe that God created the universe – such as:

i)        Albert Einstein

ii)       Sir Isaac Newton

iii)     Copernicus

iv)     Bacon

v)      Faraday

vi)     Louis Pasteur

vii)    Yohan Kepler

  1. And most importantly, this introduction presents a very clear gospel message.


On Thursday, November 19th, just a few days before the anniversary of the book, 170000 copies will be given out at over 100 universities, colleges, and junior colleges across the United States.


In one day, the Gospel, and a clear presentation of Intelligent Design, will be placed into the hands of 170,000 of our future doctors, lawyers, and politicians.


All we want to do is present the opposing and correct view, rather than being censored, which is exactly the case at present. These students aren’t stupid; they should be given both sides of the argument and allowed to make up their own mind. (Time = 3:21 / 6:08)


Listen to UC Berkley’s Policy right here in Southern California, their own website says:

Ø      “Anyone is free to distribute non-commercial materials in any outdoor area of the campus.”


Remember, this is America; it’s still the land of the free, the home of the brave – and this is a life and death issue!


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