Ironically, the same day that the Record Eagle refused to print my letter (On Friday, Oct 12, 2007), they ran this Editorial Viewpoint entitled:

"Board's reaction betrays its disdain for openness"

It appears that "what's good for the goose,

is not good for (or does not apply to) the ...

eagle, as in, the Record Eagle.


Here's the letter ...

"AIDS Day Walk" Letter that the Record Eagle refused to print:

            I read with interest your Wednesday September 26 "Well-Being" article entitled: "Walking for a Cause: Annual AIDS event to raise money and awareness." 

In that article Brian Simerson stated: "What was once known as a disease primarily contracted by gay men now afflicts more heterosexuals.  The two groups with the highest infection rate is 14 to 25-year-old heterosexual youth and young adults and heterosexuals over 50 years old."

Brian’s statistics clash with those put out by the U.S. "Center for Disease Control".  The CDC ( quotes that in 2005: “MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) still accounted for about 53% of all new HIV/AIDS cases (male & female) and 71% of cases in male adults and adolescents.” 

            In short, if 2.8% (Human Rights Campaign figure) of male population is homosexual (CDC says 5-7%), then this small percentage is causing 71% of the male AIDS cases, which is 10 to 25 TIMES MORE than what you would expect.


I would suggest that the truly compassionate action during the upcoming AIDS walk would be to discourage dangerous homosexual behavior, and to save heterosexual sex until marriage, which is the only sure way of preventing sexual diseases.

Bill Wiesner

Traverse City


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