Special Alert:

Don't Miss Focus on the Family's
Love Won Out Conference

If the issues surrounding homosexuality are personally relevant to you, or someone in your family or a friend is living homosexually, there's still time to register for Focus' longest-running conference, Love Won Out. We'll be at Sunshine Community Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Saturday, June 13.

Popular culture tells us that homosexuality is simply an alternative way to live. Mainstream media promote it as genetic and unchangeable. And the pro-gay movement seeks to politicize the education system, alter biblical truth regarding sexual behavior and redefine the meaning of marriage and family. Today, more than ever, Christians want to know how to stand faithfully in their biblical beliefs about human sexuality while also reaching out lovingly to those affected by homosexuality. The answer is balance -- balancing biblical truth with Christ's grace.

The Michigan conference marks our 55th national event. It's led by those who have overcome homosexuality and other experts from across the country. We will share the hopeful message that change is possible for those dissatisfied with living homosexually, and offer encouragement and practical help to parents, siblings, co-workers and others who want to love their gay-identified relatives and friends without compromising their Christian beliefs about sexuality.

To learn more about Love Won Out, or to sign up for the conference, please visit our Web site.

You can watch pieces of our conference throughout the month on GOD TV. Check the schedule here.

We hope you'll be with us.

Melissa Fryrear, M.Div.
Director of Gender Issues
Focus on the Family

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