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Thirty-minute exclusive interview with Dr. Scott Lively; plus thirty-minute overview of 36-plus TCFamily Street Outreaches through early August 2018; highlighting TCAPS’ Sex-Ed Curriculum; Homosexual Mayor Jim Carruthers’ “looking out for the citizen’s health & welfare”; ‘Up North Pride’ F&M Park Picnic; and 3 assaults during the 2018 TCFF.

The Best of the Truth Academy About Homosexuality 

David Pilgrim – Ferris State University Vice-President and curator of the FSU Jim Crow Museum – has an informal debate with Bill Wiesner (www.TCFamily.org Founder), on the topic of homosexuality.

Local Northwest Michigan Speaker: Bill Wiesner (TCFamily.org) adds the following 14 min of LOCAL Northwest Michigan Commentary on the end of the NATIONAL Week 9 of “Truth Academy about Homosexuality”