Watch ALL of the Truth Academy about Homosexuality Video Series Here;

AND READ Extensive notes taken from Dr. Lively's Shows #'s 1-4 Here.




Updated Open Letter to Bill Maher, TCAPS, and our brand new School Superintendent:

This is a work in progress --

check back soon for many revealing updates!


Read's “Open Letter to Bill Maher regarding homosexuality

TCFamily will be handing out copies of the 2 page "Open Letter" to Bill Maher to everyone we can during the 3 Day 2015 Michael Moore Traverse City Comedy Festival.  This letter addresses both his stated desire to not lie (= to tell the truth) AND challenges his promotion of homosexual behavior (ultimately to the Traverse City Public School Kindergarteners - 12th graders) by looking at the History of the Homosexual movement from Alfred Kinsey, MLK Jr., 1973 APA decision, Kirk & Madsen "After the Ball", and the true story of Matthew Sheppard.

The "Sexual Freedom" that Bill Maher promotes, which according to Dr. Judith is based on the fraudulent Alfred Kinsey data, is causing the following Social Pathologies:   divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimate births, cohabitation, pornography, homosexuality, sadomasochism, rape, child molestation, sexual crimes of all types, family breakup, endemic violence, etc.

Watch Dr. SCOTT LIVELY Episode 9: SUNDAY EVENING TALK TO A SMALL CHURCH (p3of3):  DR. SCOTT LIVELY'S Q&A SESSION (25min): Includes "First Amendment Supremacy Clause" and the importance of "Teaching the Biblical Worldview."".

NORTHWEST MICHIGAN SPEAKER BILL WIESNER (35min): Describes 2014 Street Outreaches  at: (1) "Cadillac Pride 'Gay' & Lesbian Picnic in the Park"; (2) Mackinaw City Labor Day Bridge Walk (40,000+ people); (3) 3rd Annual Anti-Bullying Conference at NMC ; (4) MI Rep. Frank Foster & Elliot Larsen Act; (5) "Freedom Michigan" meeting at Central United Methodist Church; (6) Michael Moore at 2015 MLKJr Day; (7) Bill Maher TCCF.



Documentation #1 of TCAPS & Friends promoting Homosexuality -- 46 Documents -- many from Traverse City - Northwest Michigan -- showing the promotion of homosexuality to our Kindergarteners - 12th graders by TCAPS, SEEDS, Third Level Crisis Center, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Building Bridges with Music,  and the Traverse City Human Rights Commission.  (Many of these are included in the local information at the end of our Scott Lively Show #4 Show)




NEW:  December 3, 2014


Regarding MI Rep. Frank Foster, Speaker Jase Bolger, and Gov. Rick Snyder:


Click here to read Bill Wiesner's (Founder of 

"My Open Letter to homosexualist MI Rep. Frank Foster regarding adding

'sexual orientation' and/or gender identity" to Michigan's Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act."



I STAND SUNDAY is an event on Sunday Nov 2, 2014 TO ENCOURAGE ADULTS to stand up and speak out TO PROTECT OUR RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES AND CHILDREN from homosexual activists in Houston, TX and locally in Northwest Michigan or in YourTownUSA.  You can watch it at you can attend a local church viewing in Traverse City at Harbor Light Christian Center at 4050 Barnes Rd. at 7 p.m.). 


A similar group of Michigan Pastors traveled to Lansing on Wednesday October 22 to protest Governor Schneider's plan to add Sexual Orientation to Michigan's Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act during the upcoming lame duck (after the election) session of Congress.  Be inspired by watching a 30 minute video of these bold pastors stand up for all Michigan children at


The opposite takes place at the yearly Anti-Bullying Weeks in Northwest Michigan where adults promote homosexual behavior to children – for example the 2nd Annual events in 2013 strongly promoted homosexual behavior


And this year's Oct 17, 2014 3rd Annual Event was no exception when Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargus flew in from California to teach Middle and High School students from Lake Leelanau, Elk Rapids, Boyne City, Interlochen, Petoskey, Bellaire, Lake City, Glen Lake, Kingsley, and Traverse City (plus numerous other small towns) about “Identity Safe Schools”; social identities; UPSTANDERS; “Bias/teasing/intolerance at our school in relation to … Gender identity / sexual expression; getting help from a “trusted adult” (one who sees no problem with homosexual behavior); teaching how to become activists; teaching to become a “Trainer-of-Trainers” when you go back to your schools; given large “Paint-over-Paintings” portraits for a daily emotional reminder; standing up to bullying, to hate, and intolerance.  (see 10 Problems Facing California School laws that are inevitably headed our way if we fail to speak up strongly.) Founder Bill Wiesner wore a TCFamily “God Created the Rainbow” shirt and handed out both PFOX’s “Preventing Bullying at your school” and Dr. Lively’s “NOT ‘Just Another Sin’” brochures to those entering and leaving the day long conference, always sharing the truth in love.  One NMC employer who was working at the event said she was uncomfortable with me handing out the brochures at the conference entrance.  I politely responded that I was uncomfortable with both NMC and this Conference promoting homosexuality to children throughout Northwest Michigan. (See why HERE.)  Another woman inside the Conference shared that she had two “gay” children, and that my shirt made her uncomfortable and that I should turn it inside out.  I politely again responded that this Conference made me very uncomfortable by promoting homosexuality to children throughout Northwest Michigan. That's why will use ALL legitimate arguments to protect the children of NW Michigan from homosexualist activists, such as these great arguments from "How the pro-family movement helped spread 'gay marriage' across America."


Both Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargus and her fellow Co-Speaker were very cordial to me when they loaded up their car to go, and both took both of our handouts and said they would read them.  When I asked her if she got our handout (“Preventing Bullying at your school”) [which shares that no one is born gay and that there are reasons for their same-sex-attractions, Dr. Becki responded: “The only problem is, I have two “gay” daughters.”  (This is not about personalities – everyone inside the conference acted cordially to me, as I did to them also.)


We will go into further depth about this 3rd Annual Anti-Bullying Conference and our trip to the 40,000 walkers at the Mackinac City Labor Day Bridge walk during our upcoming Dr. Lively Show #9.  For now you can enjoy a replay of the "Best of the Truth Academy About Homosexuality" currently running on Charter Cable's Public Access channel to the 10 counties of NW Michigan.


Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas will be promoting homosexuality as the  facilitator of the Anti-Bullying Task Force's 3rd Annual Anti-Bullying Conference at the Haggerty on Friday October 17, 2014.  She promotes LGBT info (which includes "transgender") to students all across America.  Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Dr. Paul R. McHugh says that Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;' Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’.  Traverse City Family Founder Bill Wiesner will hand out both our "Preventing Bullying at your School" brochure, and Dr. Scott Lively's "NOT 'Just Another Sin'" brochure at the entrance to the NMC Haggerty Center Conference, and also attending the conference to hear Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargus speak.


TCFamily’s Open Message to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder at the 2014 Mackinac Bridge Walk:  GOVERNOR SNYDER – please STOP your plan to promote high-risk homosexual behavior PHYSICAL health risks to ALL Michigan Kindergartners – 12th graders via Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act (this fall during the lame-duck legislative session).  You said:  “I don’t believe in discrimination …” However, you DO discriminate concerning e-cigarettes to protect children Why then don’t you use PROPER discrimination to discourage ALL harmful BEHAVIOR to protect all Michigan children under your governorship, including high-risk homosexual behavior (read MORE health risks-to-children by way of: homosexual promiscuity, mental health, life span, monogamy, and other health risks)?


With this in mind, TCFamily will be at the September 1, 2014 Mackinac Labor Day Bridge walk (near the finish line in Mackinaw City) with our 4x8 foot “Jesus said, ‘the truth will set you free’” sign, where Governor Snyder will lead 40,000 or more walkers across the Bridge.  We plan to offer Gov. Snyder one of Dr. Lively’s “NOT ‘Just Another Sin’” (NJAS) brochures, of which Dr. Lively says: “If your purpose is to stand against the heresy called “gay theology” you may freely disseminate this brochure in electronic or printed form.” (You can download and print the NJAS final copy version HERE.


 We also hope to talk to Governor Snyder and encourage him to stop his plan – in effect – to promote high-risk homosexual behavior to all Michigan Kindergartners – 12th graders by granting protected status for “sexual orientation” under the noble Michigan Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act for IMMUTABLE characteristics.  (See how Dr. Lively might describe Governor Snyder’s proposed “Sexual Orientation Regulations” (SORs) as the festering seed that contains ALL the poisonous fruit of the Homosexual Activists’ Agenda.  And our children are the ultimate target of these SORs!

Dr. Scott Lively's SHOW #8 -- 'SUNDAY EVENING TALK TO A SMALL CHURCH' (p2of2): NATIONAL SPEAKER DR. SCOTT LIVELY shares how Jesus gave EVERY Christian marching orders to obey HIS command to make disciples of all nations by sharing a Biblical World View covering ALL spheres of life, including homosexuality [Read ALL about it in Dr. Lively's 'NOTES To a Small Church' HERE.] 

LOCAL NORTHWEST MICHIGAN INFO:  (1) TCFamily will be sharing the truth in love at this "Cadillac Pride LGBT Picnic in the Park"  event (see photo on left) in Cadillac, Michigan on August 17th, 2014, where we will be handing out the Rainbow Color NJAS draft copy of Dr. Lively's "NOT Just Another Sin" (NJAS) flyer, along with our Rainbow Business Cards (see below.)  (2) Sharing the truth is the only way to show true love to those caught up in same-sex attractions; and we will do so in Cadillac just like we did during this summer's National Cherry Festival and Michael Moore Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF), where we handed out over 6000 Rainbow Business Cards and 2500 NJAS flyers.  (3) You can see over 120 video clips and slides of TCFamily sharing on the street at the end of this Scott Lively Show #8.


Michael Moore and friends are promoting homosexual behavior in These 6 "Gay" Films at the 2014 Traverse City Film Festival.  Mr. Moore is in effect supporting the "Gay Agenda? What Gay Agenda?" that is seeking in effect to promote homosexual behavior to the 10,000 TCAPS Kindergarteners -- 12th graders.  TCFamily will be protesting most of these events (see homosexual film and 2 block parties schedule here.) 

We will be handing out Dr. Scott Lively's "NOT Just Another Sin" handout, which lists over 20 Bible passages that show that homosexuality is a symbol of extreme rebellion against God and a harbinger of His wrath.




Dr. Scott Lively's SHOW #7 – 'SUNDAY EVENING TALK TO A SMALL CHURCH' (p1of2): NATIONAL SPEAKER DR. SCOTT LIVELY speaks about RUSSIA and “GAY PROPAGANDA”; UGANDA & GLOBALISTS; TWO FUNDAMENTAL WORLDVIEWS about SEX; 10 pages of transcribed notes.   LOCAL NORTHWEST MICHIGAN INFO: (see 29 detailed slides of local info -- i.e. "Read 29 bells toll as we mourn the WRECK of the Kirk & Madsen After The Ball") SPEAKER BILL WIESNER speaks on: CONFRONTING “EQUALITY FOR ALL” group downtown and handing out 75 new RAINBOW BUSINESS CARDS; forced SHOWTIME CHANGE; 2014 TCFAMILY.ORG NMC BARBECUE "Sharing the Truth about Homosexuality" and STREET VIDEO; TCFamily letter to NMC WHITE PINE PRESS and their response; BORDERS BOOK STORE promoted homosexuality 500:0; HOMOSEXUALITY in the NAZI PARTY; Conversation with homosexual man; LITTLE JESSICA LUNSFORD murdered; GOD HATES COWARDS – defined.  [Also listen to this beautiful song: "The Rainbow Belongs to God" song.]




Dr. Scott Lively's SHOW #6 -- THE BABY WHO'S RELUCTANT TO BE BORN (part 2 of 2): What’s coming – the incredible things that are about to happen!  This is the concluding part to Show #5, speaking on more END-TIMES PROPHECY; STRONG DELUSION; JEWISH JUBILEE CYCLES; and how everything points to “something gigantic is going to happen” in 2015 – 2016.  Plus how homosexuality fits into all this.   


Watch the LOCAL TCFamily Northwest Michigan info (during the last 10 minutes of SHOW #6), which includes: (1) The last 2 short audio clips of conversation with Dr. David Pilgrim;  (2) Extensive explanation on how Civil Rights icon DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. SAW HOMOSEXUALITY AS A ‘CULTURALLY ACQUIRED’ ‘PROBLEM’ WITH A ‘SOLUTION’.   (3) Plans to attend the May 18th, 2014 NMC BARBECUE with our 4x8 foot Truth Academy about Homosexuality sign.  (4) Information on the May 18th HOMEWARD BOUND RUN FOR YOUTH for PETE’S PLACE, an outreach to AREA HOMELESS YOUTH by THIRD LEVEL CRISIS INTERVENTION CENTER  -- who wants to  “… INCREASE VISIBILITY AND AVAILABILITY OF THE ADULT LBGTQ COMMUNITY TO YOUTH” in Traverse City.


TCAPS CONCERNED PARENTS AND STUDENTS should also check out the following THREE links below: Alfred Kinsey; After the Ball; and The Best of the Truth Academy Series.


Alfred Kinsey Quotes (showing the extremely faulty and deceptive foundation of the Homosexual Movement) from Dr. Judith Reisman's great book: "Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America"


The Homosexual Propaganda and Media Manipulation Game: ( 62 excerpts from Kirk & Madsen's "After the Ball: How America will conquer its fear & hatred of Gays in the 90's") -- Propaganda techniques coming soon to the TCAPS Kindergarteners ... "Take Back Maryland" says : "It is so outrageous and evil what homosexual activists are up to ..."


"Best of the Truth Academy about Homosexuality Series Show" Watch to see a quick overview of 10 National experts on 25 topics about Homosexuality -- over 200 video clips in 60 minutes.  Then talk to EVERY TCAPS EMPLOYEE, PARENT & STUDENT (middle school on up) that you meet and suggest that they watch this video.  They will then understand the "house of cards" foundation of those promoting homosexuality to our children, and their need to strongly encourage all TCAPS employees and school board members to discourage this high risk behavior to the TCAPS Kindergarteners -- 12th graders.


Dr. Scott Lively’s SHOW #5 – THE BABY WHO’S RELUCTANT TO BE BORN (part 1 of 2): What’s coming – the incredible things that are about to happen!  Speaks on END-TIMES PROPHECY; STRONG DELUSION; JEWISH JUBILEE CYCLES; PROPHECY FROM THE 1200’s; and how everything points to “something gigantic is going to happen” in 2015 – 2016.  Plus how homosexuality fits into all this.   

Read 6 pages of Show #5 Notes Here.

Watch the LOCAL TCFamily Northwest Michigan info (during the last 13 minute videotape of SHOW #5), which includes:

(1)  Read the entire transcript discussion here of the 7-minute Local Information VIDEOTAPED-dialog with Dr. David Pilgrim where I was not allowed to share uninterrupted for 2 minutes on how homosexuality was being promoted at the Traverse City “2nd Annual ‘EMBRACE THE DREAM’ COLLABORATION.  

(2) Also read  how DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. saw HOMOSEXUALITY as a ‘culturally acquired’ ‘problem’ with a ‘solution’; thus Dr. King – who gave the very famous “I HAVE A DREAM” speech – would IRONICALLY probably have been prohibited from speaking at this conference which was named after him.


Dr. Scott Lively's SHOW #4 -- delivered to Northwest Michigan PASTORS -- is the COMPLETION of the Show #3 described below ("From Genesis to Revelation ..." - p2of2).  You can read the Show #4 Transcription / Notes HERE

Local Northwest Michigan info that is shared during the last 20 minutes includes: audiotape of SEEDS Area Youth Development Program Manager Bill Watson kicking Bill Wiesner out of the publicly funded anti-bullying week session; How SEEDS and Third Level Crisis Center and TCAPS (with their new "Olweus Bullying Prevention Program) and "Building Bridges with Music" are all working together to promote homosexuality to the TCAPS Kindergarteners - 12th graders.  You can view SHOW #4 HERE.

Dr. Scott Lively's SHOW #3 delivered to Northwest Michigan PASTORS entitled: "From Genesis to Revelation: Homosexuality as The Extreme Example of Rebellion on the Verge of Judgment"  AND  "Homosexualists Have Now Defeated ALL Secular Institutions –Now They Take Aim at the Church" (along with the "11-page highlight notes-transcript" of the talk), can be viewed HERE.

ALL 8 of the Northwest Michigan Pro-Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) ACTIVISTS (who were invited to debate Dr. Lively) DECLINED -- READ Their responses HERE.

Dr. Scott Lively's 4-day visit to Traverse City was a Tremendous Success!  Watch for upcoming "Truth Academy" movies of all his presentations.

Dr. Scott Lively shares the truth about Uganda that the 2013 Traverse City Film Festival "documentary" movie "God Loves Uganda" FAILS to report:  (1) Dr. Lively Press Release regarding "God Loves Uganda";  and a must read (2) "Fact Sheet on Uganda and Homosexuality" -- which we handed out to 800 attendees of the Michael Moore 2013 Traverse City Film Festival, including PHOTOS offering a copy to EVERYONE who attended the Old Town Playhouse Film Festival showing of the "God Loves Uganda" misinformation video

Also, Dr. Lively shares: (1) Over 100 examples of how "Sexual Orientation Regulations" (SORs) are used as a sword to trump First Amendment Rights;  and (2) A "First Amendment Supremacy Clause" to protect our fundamental First amendment freedoms of religion and speech.

Dr. Scott Lively, an internationally known opponent of the homosexual political movement, is coming to Traverse City on Friday evening July 26, 2013 to a debate the following topic: The Great Debate: The 1st Amendment vs. Sexual Orientation Regulations -- Which Should Prevail (Click for Details).  Dr. Lively is willing to debate up to 3 of the 8 invited Northwest Michigan Area Pro-SORs Activists. 

Dr. Lively has written "A Warning to the Church in America" (Click Here) predicting increased spiritual and cultural warfare.  This article would be of particular interest to Pastors in our Northwest Michigan Community.

The Activists who step forward to debate Dr. Lively could use  of both The History Alfred Kinsey and also The Psychiatry of the 1973 APA Decision as the "Scientific Basis" to defend their promotion of Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) in our schools and Northwest Michigan Community.


Truth Academy  about Homosexuality -- watch this 20 week series NOW online: ten Nationally known experts (from speak out on the topic of homosexuality; local issues addressed in detail in these 1 hour specials.  Those living in the ten counties of Northwest Michigan can also watch on Charter Cable Public Access TV channels 97 / 992 at MIDNIGHT (12 a.m.) on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays  (for Season 2 -- the First airing of Season 1 was Monday, July 11, 2011)


Watch our "Best of the Truth Academy about Homosexuality Series Show" to see a quick overview of 10 National experts on 25 topics about Homosexuality.




CLICK HERE to Watch the “FBI: Homosexuality” (Faith Based Investigations) Documentary -- A truthful, compassionate, and hard-hitting 95 minute documentary by the Catholic organization ChurchMilitant.TV that explains the entire “History of Homosexuality.” – The 40-68 minute sections are especially helpful: they cover the History (@40m), the 1973 APA Decision (@53m), and the “Science” (causes of same-sex attractions)(@62m).


CLICK HERE to access the over 500 research hours of wonderfully insightful "FBI:Homosexuality" DOCUMENTS (140 in all, NOT just references) devoted to this program;

CLICK HERE to read the entire "FBI:Homosexuality" transcribed script.

Then after YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN (approximately Middle School on up – to reverse the brainwashing and inoculate them) watch this video, please CONTACT the entire TCAPS School Board: share your concerns from the documentary and encourage THEM to watch it also to see how ADULT HOMOSEXUALIST Pied Pipers are threatening the safety of our KINDERGARTEN – 12th grade children.


WATCH The True Boy Scout and ‘Gay’ Anthem and READ The New 42 Memory Verse Boy Scout Merit Badge (i.e. 42 revealing quotes about Alfred Kinsey) to honor their new founding father Alfred Kinsey, the Founder of the (Homo)Sexual Revolution, as explained in Dr. Judith Reisman’s revealing expose of Alfred Kinsey: "Sexual Sabotage"– that is IF the Boy Scouts of America Board Members vote to allow Homosexual Scoutmasters and Scouts, thus gravely endangering the young men under their care. (Watch our "Best of the Truth Academy about Homosexuality Series Show" to see a quick overview of 10 National experts on 25 topics about Homosexuality.) displays this 4'x8' sign to promote this 20 part series at the home football games (TCWest, TCCentral, & St. Francis) at Thirlby Field in Traverse City.  These programs explain our great concern over what we consider is TCAPS (Traverse City Area Public Schools) promotion of homosexual behavior to the students.  Local Northwest Michigan homosexualist activism is discussed at the end of these programs. TCAPS students and their parents who view these programs will then be able to decide if TCAPS is really taking action to keep their children safe -- or to endanger them.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Read the Police Report Description (2500 Words) of the reported assault that occurred on 2/15/12 at Cherry Knoll Elementary as described by Bill Wiesner / Founder.  The report includes descriptions of how Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) has been promoting homosexual behavior to the students over at least the past 12 years.


Homosexualist Duck Club of Northwest Michigan -- Traverse City branch.  What is a "homosexualist? Are they bad people? Why do we call it a "duck club"?

Press Release: TCFamily to take 4'x 8' sign to Cherry Knoll Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Conferences (Cherry Knoll is the local elementary school that made national news in December of 2011 with this story: “Teacher strips word 'gay' from Christmas Carol”.)  TCFamily is concerned about the Principal's plan to make this a "teachable moment" for the teacher, and for the 1st and 2nd graders!

CONTACT TCAPS TODAY! -- Contact Information for TCAPS Board of Education  --Protect your children by emailing & calling TCAPS TODAY and coming to the Monday April 25th Board Meeting, when the Board will vote on whether or not to add "sexual orientation" (= dangerous homosexual behavior) to its non-discrimination code.

Professing Christians speak out on "Bullying" issue -- (1) TCAPS Pastor & Spokesperson at the TCWest Bullying Meeting says any student who questions any other student's "sexual orientation" should be charged with Bullying; (2) Stephen Bennet, an Ex-Gay man, shares his testimony of coming out of homosexuality.

Easter Sunday April 24 Update:  (1) 'Irritating' calls on Easter (to School Board) defended by TCFamily;  (2) What IS it that 'gay' guys do (asked by a 4th grader);  and (3) What is TCAPS next plan for hetero-homo sex education?

The Maryland Marriage Victory Analysis -- Should be used to STOP the Bullies on the TCAPS School Board who are planning to push THEIR DANGEROUS 'ADULT' Homosexual Agenda onto the innocent Kindergarteners - 12th grade children!

TCFamily Open Letter to Pastors requesting help -- Pastor Peter Moon addresses TCAPS Board; Summary Report of HR/Policy Board Meeting; Jeff Haas to teach 3000 TCAPS students "Diversity" on April 27-29; Hateful Record Eagle Letter Titles.

Read Transcript of the "Bullying 'Sexual Orientation' TCAPS Board Meeting", (including TCFamily Commentary) that was held on 3/14/11.  See how the Board members plan  to promote homosexual behavior to the 10000 TCAPS students.

Simply Stop ALL Bullying at ALL Times -- Period! as "Bully Police" recommends -- without mentioning "sexual orientation."  That's THE ONLY SAFE SOLUTION that TCAPS can take if they really want to PROTECT our 10000 children!

TCAPS Administration ignores the needs of 5000 TCAPS parents by refusing to reschedule the HR/Policy meeting from 1:30 p.m. to the late afternoon or 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. evening time, when ALL 64 Previous Meetings over the last 5-1/2 years were held.  (So, come to the meeting TODAY, APRIL 20TH -- click here for details.)  They will be discussing adding the "sexual orientation" (dangerous homosexual behavior) to policy, which is the "crown jewel" of homosexual activism in the schools, and it will greatly endanger your children.  Instead, they should simply PROTECT ALL CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES, PERIOD.

TCAPS HR/Policy Committee seemingly attempts to avoid 5000 TCAPS Parents (and their concerns over adding "sexual orientation" to the Non-Discrimination Policy) by scheduling the meeting at 1:30 p.m., when few parents can come; yet ALL other meetings for the last 5.5 years were at 4:15 p.m. or later; and 95% of the meetings in the last 4 years were scheduled for 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.  Plus TCAPS ducks safety concerns, and the "Day of Silence"

The Pro-Family Précis -- WHY HOMOSEXUALITY IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH CONSERVATISM -- This "Précis" (or summary of the main points of an argument) will show you why TCAPS' plan to add "sexual orientation" to its non-discrimination policy would be harmful to the 10000 TCAPS children under their care.  That's why we need 100+ concerned TCAPS parents to show up at the TCAPS Board Policy meeting on Wednesday April 20th (right across from City Hall) to strongly request that TCAPS protects our 10000 children 1st, instead of promoting its dangerous "gay" agenda.  Please spread the word!

TCFamily has requested that TCAPS allow us to videotape the upcoming Board Policy meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th, at 1:30 p.m., at the TCAPS building across from City Hall.  If you are concerned for your TCAPS student's welfare, please come to that meeting.  Click here to read the letter.

Four points regarding the DOS: (1) TCAPS answers our request about the Day of Silence; (2) TCFamily's recommendation regarding removing your children from school on Friday April 15, 2011, the DOS; (3) Is California pro-'gay' bill coming to TCAPS?; (4) Action requests to 10000 TCAPS parents; click here for details.

Will the 'Gay' Activists' Friday, April 15th "Day of Silence" be celebrated (promoted) in the TCAPS schools?  We're not sure, since they haven't responded yet to our 3 questions.  "The DOS operates at the most elementary level of manipulation, propaganda and social engineering."  To read more and take action, click here.



Read the letter, “Homosexual ‘Trail of Deception’” (Updated July 4, 2010) written to the TCAPS (Traverse City Area Public Schools) School Board, for consideration in hiring the new TCAPS Superintendent.  The letter includes over 75 links alerting the soon-to-be-elected TCAPS Superintendent to this dangerous and deceptive agenda, which is already affecting TCAPS K-12 students.  Suggests action steps parents can take to protect their children.-

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All articles above this line are related to TCAPS;

all articles below this line are much older articles.

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Book-Give-Away -- Charles Darwin "Origin of Species" (approximately 700 books) to be given away at Northwestern Michigan College to NMC students on or about November 19, 2009, which is two days before the 150th Anniversary of "Origin of Species".  A special 50-page introduction written by Ray Comfort -- which presents the opposing and correct view of Intelligent Design, and presents a very clear Gospel message -- is included in the 304 unabridged edition of Origin of Species.

Click Here to find out details, and TO READ THE ENTIRE 50 PAGE INTRODUCTION ONLINE, and decide for yourself which view is correct.



Sunday Sept 6, 2009, Important Press Release:

* SPEECHLESS...Silencing the Christians is a 14-program series produced by AFA - The American Family Association ( showing how Americans are at greater risk of losing their basic freedoms today than ever before in the history of this nation. Political correctness and the voice of the liberal minority are undermining the morals and values of mainstream America.

click here ... to  watch ALL 14 episodes of "SPEECHLESS" 24/7 online for FREE on "Up North 2", and to read the complete SPEECHLESS Press Release.


* "Redeeming the Rainbow" is possibly the most powerful book on confronting the homosexual agenda! For the past ten years, while lecturing and consulting on pro-family strategies in more than 30 countries, Dr. Scott Lively has been writing the world's first textbook that teaches pro-family advocates how to defeat the homosexual agenda and reestablish family-centered culture in their respective nations from a Christian perspective.  You can read all or parts of "Redeeming the Rainbow" online by clicking the book cover icon above.




* The Traverse City Record Eagle so far has chosen not to report on the 14 weekly “SPEECHLESS: Silencing the Christians” series currently airing on Northwest Michigan’s “Up North 2” public access television station, even though both at WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, MI, on Feb 9, 2009, and at Tampa, FL WFLA Channel 8, on July 16, 2009,  homosexual activists led strong protests against the SPEECHLESS videos. CLICK HERE to read more ...


* Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN, and newly appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools shares in a 1997 speech that "...our mission from this day forward" ... is promoting homosexuality in schools -- ... "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."  Read more here ...


Action Items: 

#1 NEW 7-24-09 -- Federal "Hate-Crime" bill Update:


#2  The Michigan House passed "Hate Crime" bill #4836 on May 20, 2009, by a 66 to 43 vote. As of Thursday June 4, 2009, the Senate version (no ID # yet ) was sent back to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Read these 'Talking Points' to see how this bill poises great danger to our families and freedoms; then Please CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR  ( and frequently) and urge a "No" vote on ANY "hate crime" laws that give special status protections for sexual orientation or gender identity.  (Speak up now, before you are Silenced!)


I know we are all busy, but if all of us who are concerned about "defending our families" could commit to at least one "Action Item" per month -- if we ACTED ON our FAITH of a tiny mustard seed -- we could move mountains!


Caution: This website contains information not suitable for children.


(Highlighting and Bold Print added by TCFamily for emphasis.)


Articles of interest (To help you when calling your Senators or Congressmen), which are not typically printed by the mainstream media:




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